Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Danger Will Robinson...

Whoa, Nelly!
I've gone wheat CRAZY! I bought whole-wheat bread, tortillas, two types of pasta, shredded wheat cereal, and a host of unrefined sugars and honeys and other sweet things...this thing might backfire on me!

(speaking of Nelly, I fell victim to "Tip Drill" last night. Jesus, help me!)

TV really is ugly...not in the amazing way that Jesus was ugly...TV is just plain UGLY.
It's so ugly...ugly...where's the good stuff? Even TBN is ugly...(hold your horses, I used to literally watch TBN 24/7 for about 3 years)...but it's still ugly.

In an odd way, I'm strengthened whenever I stumble as a result of something I've seen on television, because it reinforces my purpose so much more.

Me: Wow, God...I suck...TV come there's not enough light shining on the TV?
God: Umm....
Me: Umm, what?? Don't you 'Umm' me!
God: Negro...
Me: Sorry, Lord. I'm listening.
God: As I was saying...
Me: God?
God: Yes?
Me: I'm too tired to work out, could you just zap me a six-pack?
God: Before I was so rudely interupted...
Me: Sorry God. I suck. I only want a six-pack because I saw one on TV.
God: If you'll let me finish...
Me: Right! My bad, go ahead.
God: Food for the stomach and the stomach for food.
Me: WHAT is THAT supposed to mean?
God: You'll understand later.
Me: Wow, you're hardcore...
God: Listen, why do you think you're so drawn to images? Why do you think you like to watch the good stuff, the bad stuff, and the ugly stuff?
Me: Because I'm a filmmaker?
God: Nice try.
Me: Because I hate myself?
God: You don't hate yourself, and you know that. What did I tell you about saying that??
Me: Yeah, sorry, Lord...I'm trying too hard.
God: Sometimes...and sometimes not hard enough.
Me: Yeah. I know...I love you, God...
God: Yeah. I know. I loved you first, Adam.
Me: Food for the Stomach! Yooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
God: See?
Me: But help me you mean to say that...
God: Yes.
Me: And that you're doing this so that...
God: It's in the Bible isn't it?
Me: You're hardcore, you know that?
God: Stronger than the leading brand...LOL
*let me just say here, that I love it when God laughs out loud*
Me: How did I ever wind up with you? I'm so safe right now.
God: Remember that.
Me: Remember what?
God: Remember this moment for the moments to come.
Me: But I'm always so weak when she shows up.
*My brother Donny has a saying: "The Devil has a tail under her skirt"*
God: Dude, who are you kidding?? You're always weak BEFORE she shows up too!
Me: Why can't I remember this moment?
God: You can.
Me: But I don't. Even now, it's fading.
God: From faith...
Me: Faith
God: Exactly.
Me: I think I understand what you mean.
God: Then remember these moments. You have a lifetime full of them.
Me: I know. Help me to. Isn't there some sort of chant I can do?
God: Adam...
Me: Well give me something!
God: Adam...
Me: Well what do you expect? For me to just sit here and do nothing?
God: If you want to call it 'nothing'....
Me: Why don't you ever finish your sentences???
God: I always finish what I start. Don't blame me beacuse your stamina is short.
Me: You're so freakin hardcore, God....
Me: GOD!
God: So...
Me: I know...I have to pray more.
God: What do you think this is? (To Jesus) Can you believe this guy???
Me: I'm so young still. I can't wait until...
Jesus: Neither can I...
Me: Jesus! When did YOU get here?
Jesus: Me? I should be asking you that question.
Me: Father, like Son...
Jesus: Always, in ALL ways....
Me: That was hot. I'm going to use that.
Jesus: Feel free.
Me: Thanks.
Jesus: Listen, Adam.
Me: Yes?
Jesus: Understand what I'm saying. You don't have to live life so low anymore. In fact, you've had the tools for quite some time.
Me: But it's not fair...
Jesus: Cry me a river, okay? I've empowered you. You mean to tell me that you WANT to fight your own battles? You ENJOY the feeling of dirt in your nostrils when sin has his foot on your neck? You like that?
Me: No...
Jesus: And don't get me STARTED about the cage! What are you still doing in that cage, in those RIDICULOUS clothes? Do I have to dress you too?
Jesus: No, don't say anything. Because I did dress you. And I bathed you too. And I brought you a change of clothes, and I offered to help you put them on. And after the pants went on, you were feeling pretty confident, weren't you? You grabbed the shirt and kept putting your head through the arms, and then it took you forever to get your arms through properly, and if it wasn't on backwards, it was inside out, or buttoned on the lopside. I don't even feel like talking about the tie! You were so smart, weren't you.
God: Look. He's crying.
Jesus: Dad, it's okay. He knows I'm not being mean to him. He understands exactly what I'm saying.
Me: I'm sorry.
Jesus: Well nobody is asking you to be sorry! Sinful murderers are sorry, and then they murder again. 'Sorry' doesn't quench the flames, doc.
Me: Help me to---
Jesus: Just let me do it! You didn't preach to Israel, you didn't die on a cross, you didn't descend into the pit, and you didn't rise again...I DID IT! I AM THE CONQUEROR.
Me: But I want to help.
Jesus: Help what? It's done. I've done it already. It's not for you to do! You are MORE than a conqueror, get it? I gave up my living (family, career, "success") for you, and then I gave my LIFE for you. It's paid. You insult me whenever you think that you can ADD to what I've done. If you want to HELP, then you can start by letting go of those old clothes. Do you really want to wear them as stained as they are with your sweat and your useless blood and snot and your urine and semen and vomit and feces?
Me: No.
Jesus: Are you sure? Because that's what you're doing! And this port-a-potty you lived you want IT instead of the mansion, I've prepared for you?
Me: No.
Jesus: Adam, let me be me, and let my sacrifice be enough. Because it is. It wasn't just 'paid by the skin of it's teeth'...I OVERpaid it. It is more than enough. And guess who gets to keep The Change?
God: Look. He's crying again.
Jesus: Holy Spirit, listen...thanks for bringing Adam by.
Holy Spirit: Anytime.
Jesus: God: Holy Spirit: All the time.
Jesus: God: Holy Spirit: I love you.
Me: *unintelligible mumbling*
Jesus: God: Holy Spirit: I know.
Me: But I really mean it.
Jesus: God: Holy Spirit: I know.
Me: Well, thank you so much for picking me up and cleaning me off, and hearing my prayer I love praying like this. I'll definitely be back.
Jesus: God: Holy Spirit: Can you believe this guy? Who said you had to go anywhere???
Me: Man, y'all are hardcore!
Jesus: God: Holy Spirit: LOL.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

King of the Wild Frontier

What a walk-through-and-touch world we're in, right?
I hate Perier. Why can't I remember that before I drink it?
I killed a racoon today...
Prepare yourself for a gruesome tale:

In Texas "'Coons is good eatin' "
and Doug, a guy who got hired and fired before I ever came to the ranch left a brand new 50 dollar coon trap in the shed. Coons and sheds and ranches. Oooh Weee! Anyway, I'm the east coast newbie who moves to Texas and decides the 'coon trapping is cool. So we "trapped us a coon." Well said coon stayed int he trap for a few days because Nobody had the guts to "put it down" and then dress it and prepare it.
But Noah was way more into the coon meat than I was, so he kept the thing in the cage for a few days and gave it some tuna and water. How humane.

This is one FIESTY coon, by the way. It growls and hisses and reaches its paws outfot he cage to scratch anything within three feet of the cage. Sucka, Danga, Danga.

Anyhow, I get home from the post office and Peter yells across at me:
"Adam, come see! Noah shot the coon with the nailgun three times a half an hour ago, and it's still alive!"
And so it was...
and even an hour later, and three more shots with the high powered air-powered nailgun wouldn't put it down...

So Noah and my dad decide to kill it like a chicken. And now we know that Daniel Boone and Davey Crocket weren't into coons for the style...that skin is tough, and it was near impossible to slit its throat. Even after a slice to the jugular it panted and heaved and gurgled. So I grabbed a nearby mesquite branch (it was handy because Noah was simultaneously cooking some barbacoa (beef cheekmeat) on the grill), and I smashed the coon's skull in...not like a club...more like taking a blunt 2x4 and jabbing it like a spear. Blood spurted everywhere, including on my shoesoles and my jeans, but in 2 minutes, after some twitching, the coon was dead.

The grossest measure brought about the quickest relief. Mind you, none of us likes to torture aniumals. We're ironically anti-firearms (so far), so the nail gun seemed to our un-ranched minds to be the swiftest way to kill the ambuiguously rabid animal without opening the cage. Oh boy.

And it's taken Noah about an hour to skin the thing.
I'll let you know how it tastes...

Be Reconciled.
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Free Laptop

Okay...I'm just feeling the waters...
I really want a little Apple iBook.
As it is, I'm using my dad's laptop, and the desktop at home whenever I get a chance.
This is not a need. I already have a bangin apple powermac g5 that I use for all my powerhouse editing and graphics. As far as the iBook, I WANT one for convenience. Realistically, it would be used for writing scripts and internet applications alone screen size doesn't matter (i'd love for it to have a dvd player, but not necessarily)...Ideally, I'd like a phat apple powerbook that could serve as a portable editing suite. The difference is about $1500.
Which brings me to a hitch...I don't want to spend any money for it. Funny how that works, right?

And I've done my research; I can get one for free if I sell my soul to the internet.
Actually it's not that dramatic. It just invloves some product testing, and a maximum of EIGHTEEN FRIENDS.

So uh...guys...keep in mind that it would take a good deal of persuasion and bribery to get ME to do this for I'm not expecting all that much...but I just want to know if anyone out there would be interested in trying to flip this scam...there's a totally free way to do it, but it does require signing up for certain goods and/or services which can be promptly cancelled .

It's totally legit, but a little off the grid. And I'd return the favor, of course. And there's a lot to get.... not just laptops.
Wow. I never thought I'd use my blog for this.
What's the world coming to?
Holler at me.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Goopey Ball

Today is Feb Oh-one-Oh-five.
Today marks the beginning of my 28-day experiment to cut out refined sugar and white flour from my diet. You'd be surprised what that eliminates. I have to make my own raisin bran now. This is serious. No Ketchup, 100% fruit juice only, no LOVELY HOMESTYLE TEXAS TORTILLAS!!! I've been off of sodas for a while, but now this even slims down the lineup on juice, wine, and tea. No more Starbucks for a month, no cookies or candies or cakes or pastries. No tortillas. I think I said that already.
And no artificial sweeteners. Because when I was at Temple, Ms. Cille from the Atrium Lounge got me converted to Equal, and Equal is still just tastes good.

So a "Goopey Ball" is a contraption my mom made.
She and Mary are on some "OTHER TYPE STUFF"(TM).
They won't even eat honey...and no grains unless they're "sprouted."
Whatever the bleep that means.

Anyhow, here's your goopey ball recipe:

Rolled Oats, Peanut Butter, 100% fruit preserves, and spices to taste.

If you're still reading, then you're probably smart enough to figure it out yourself.
Make 'em the size of golf balls.

My wireless MIC just here! SWEEEET...

Sunday, January 30, 2005


"Wonderful" is a great word.
I can't wait to put it in a film title.

Anyway, I feel great today.
You guys really ought to try worshipping on a non-sunday...
It makes Sunday such a stress-free day to have personal worship.
It's like everything you do or don't do means that much more because it's not forced.
When Church isn't on Sunday, reading your Bible doesn't feel forced...

I'm speaking personally, because we have Bible study every week morning at 7 am, and then Gospel Cafe on Sat nights, and then Sunday is just a free day...and it feels like FINALLY, i get a chance to worship God freestyle, you know?

Anyhow, I'm at a great place right now...there are a few really major things hanging in the balance, but regardles of how they pan out, I can say now, at 12:35 pm, that I'm not anxious about what God's working out in my walk.

shai linne's album is really meaty.
I recommend it in doses.
I tried listening to it str8 thru, and he changes gears so much that it's hard to follow. Also, surpisingly, it's not one you can just toss in the car and go with...
This is one for the 7506 closed-air, shut-out-the-world-and-vibe type headphones music. But it's sure to pick up momentum.

Most people don't know that shai is originally a stage actor...I'm still sifting through my scripts for the perfect role for him. And some how, I don't think it has anything to do with mmusic.


Cop the album!