Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sit on my knee...

Uncle Adam will show you how to read a movie...

God found me again while I was watching HITCH.
We don't have time now to talk about how mcuh I dislike Will Smith, and what a blow to my puff-gut it was to have God speak to me through the film...


The first light went off with the very RANDOM appearance by Mike Rapaport as Hitch's best friend.
A best friend is always a conscience in a film.
Okay, USUALLY...
And supporting roles like that (if it could even be called that) are not usualy cast so heavily. Just think about it. You have no idea who that lisping guy was (Sara's Boss), but he got more screentime than Michael Rapaport. It was practically a cameo. And he never shows up again.
"If you think you know who's in a movie, and then you find yourself saying "Wow, I didn't know HE/SHE was in this..." then PAY attention. At $2oo,ooo a day in production costs, VERY LITTLE is a coincidence.
Here, the best friend is MARRIED...
and he says something like:
"Come on, Hitch. You know you're not fulfilled. You need to move beyond the physical and get to know UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (for every Christian, this phrase should be like a beer can to Homer Simpson) that's not going to get up and walk away from you." Then he says: "Ever since I got MARRIED TO GRACE (ding, ding, ding) my life, and my whole outlook has changed. I WOULDN'T TRADE IT for the WORLD."
(I feel like I'm screaming.)

So there it is. Look deeper. Hitch needs to be saved. And in this parable, salvation comes in the form of a monogamous love-centered relationship.

This one was like having a mirror thrown up to me:
When the Albert says to Hitch "You don't even believe in your own product! You sell it, but you don't believe it!" (talking about Love)
I think every honest Christian can relate to that one. I don't even feel like counting the times I've felt "burdened" to share Christ, or compelled by mere obligation to "witness" to someone. God forgive me.

Then there's the situation with Albert admitting his flaws and looking for help. He represents the common man looking outside himself for an answer to his dysfunction. Albert was attentive, and faithful, and he "studied to show himself approved."
I think that the most alluring thing to me about Albert is that he never lost himself. He let go of his pride, and he openly admitted needing direction, but he didn't turn into a "Hitch Robot". This film could have very easily been about Albert thinking that now he can get any woman he wants, and his self-destructive attempt to get there. Instead Albert has a goal, is genuinely in love with Allegra, and pursues it nobly...


I just remembered Albert's speech about being miserable.
He said something to the effect of:
"If Love comes with this price tag of being miserable, then that's okay. I'm willing to be miserable if it means that I can hold on to Love." Yeah, I butchered that one...but you get the gist...Albert was willing to stick it out. He didn't punk out and give up and go home and jack off. Instead the love in him (Holy Spirit) compelled him to PERSEVERE through the hard times and the rejection, because he knew it was worth it. He respected Love. He was willing to suffer for love.

And finally, I think Hitch's ultimate test hit very close to home for me, given my recent experience seeking a relationship with someone who seemes (for the time being) less than interested in me. I don't know if I'm supposed to take any literal cues from the film though...But Will Smith, having realized the value of Love, let his tenacity drive him. He knew what he wanted (Sara) and he literally grabbed for it with two hands...and wouldn't let go. It pains me to know that in my own personal life, I conceded and let go...
Did you see Hitch? He was the MAN at that point. Very polite, and above the line. He simply made it plain without villainizing "The Other Guy". That takes balls. It's not hard to have someone you love deeply choose another person over you. Even typing that hurts. But I think as Christians, we're called to put ourselves out there like that. We are God's sons and daughters...God goes ALL out, ALL the time. I thank God that he doesn't just watch me run off and get married to the "one I think is right for me..."
Thank God for John 6...And Thank God that he speaks with a Hollywood Accent.

Cold Day in Hell...

God, I hope I don't have to eat my words...
But somebody, please kick me there if I ever spend $120.00 for 6 pair of boxers.

I got that from Christine's blog.
I mean seriously, I thought it was an auction for like 6 PALLETES of boxers...
And they're OPENED!
Show me the error of MY ways...

May I never trick out for a name-brand.
Praise God for Wal-Mart.
Maybe when I have someone special enough in my life (my wife)..
THEN maybe I'd.....

No you know how many grilled snapper dinners that is?
Let's breeaaaak it on dooooown (thank you, Blackstreet)

120 for 6 boxers
OR, 2,ooo megs of flash memory.
120 for 6 boxers
OR, 23 MiniDV tapes from EVS.
120 for 6 Boxers
OR, About 1oo breakfast tacos at Las Palmas
120 for 6 Boxers
OR, another 1,ooo + days of web hosting
120 for 6 Boxers
OR, 240 compostion books for my hypergraphia
120 for 6 Boxers

Do you know how much SUSHI that is?
It's over. I need to put this man out of his misery. Who was going to pay....
You know what?
I'm going to watch a B&W murder mystery.

which was a gift to me...
from the DOLLAR STORE....
Ahhheeeeeeeemmmm *gag* *choke* *pass out*

120 for 6 Boxers
or Shop for Adam Tillman-Young's next 120 birthdays.

P.S. Played ball again tonight. Hit the winning Jaaaaaaaaaaay HA HA!
(And "J" is the first letter in "JESUS" So there! I'm boasting in CHRIST!)

much love.

The Man Has a Jones...

Peep the link in the title.
Give me ideas and I'll share the credit with you.
And 1% of all prizes awarded.
Just pray that it's not for a pair of boxers.

Monday, March 07, 2005

I couldn't care less...

...about dudes...
Man, it's rough. I think I've got an all-female reading audience.
I've made several attempts to look around and search out some homeBOYS,
or any interesting cats who might share the viz.

Alas, I just get bored. I start reading someone's page and I'm like

God forgive me...
I guess I just like the ladies...

It used to be like that in my walking-around personal life too, but then I actually went to God and PRAYED for some like-minded brothers to chill with. By the end of the year, I was always with the fellas. That's when I lost my virginity to Halo.
And the ghetto chinese store. *Note*--ladies will look after you:
"Adam, you don't want to eat that..."
"Adam, wear that green shirt..."
"Adam, you know she likes you right?"
"Trim your beard a little, Adam..."
"Dog, how can you not got kool aid?"
"Yo Son, pass the pizza."
"I farted."
and my personal favorite:
"I'm lusting right now."


The whole "not-got" thing baffled me at first until I started saying it.
But I was grateful for my brothers.
We did everything together, and we grew very close.
So I'm not really tripping off of the lack of testosterone in the comment box.