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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Goopey Ball

Today is Feb Oh-one-Oh-five.
Today marks the beginning of my 28-day experiment to cut out refined sugar and white flour from my diet. You'd be surprised what that eliminates. I have to make my own raisin bran now. This is serious. No Ketchup, 100% fruit juice only, no LOVELY HOMESTYLE TEXAS TORTILLAS!!! I've been off of sodas for a while, but now this even slims down the lineup on juice, wine, and tea. No more Starbucks for a month, no cookies or candies or cakes or pastries. No tortillas. I think I said that already.
And no artificial sweeteners. Because when I was at Temple, Ms. Cille from the Atrium Lounge got me converted to Equal, and Equal is still just tastes good.

So a "Goopey Ball" is a contraption my mom made.
She and Mary are on some "OTHER TYPE STUFF"(TM).
They won't even eat honey...and no grains unless they're "sprouted."
Whatever the bleep that means.

Anyhow, here's your goopey ball recipe:

Rolled Oats, Peanut Butter, 100% fruit preserves, and spices to taste.

If you're still reading, then you're probably smart enough to figure it out yourself.
Make 'em the size of golf balls.

My wireless MIC just here! SWEEEET...


Blogger Revolt said...

Two words: Ezekiel bread.

It's taken straight out of Ezekiel 4:9, I think, something like that. The best bread on the market. I used to be HOOKED on it a couple months back for about a year and change off and on, but now I'm just too lazy to walk to the health food store to get it.

Ezekiel bread is also made from SPROUTED GRAINS. Pretty much means they're allowed to germinate, because every day commercial wheat bread isn't picked after it's 'bloomed' so to speak.

Give up honey though? I dunno about that. The rest I can roll with. But I just ate 4 cinammon-raisin cookies, soooo....

Maybe tomorrow.

Goopey balls are SO Adventist. That's all I'm gonna say.

12:34 PM


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