Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Thursday, March 30, 2006


it seems like cell phones get sick of my rambling. Either that, or they're homophobic. It wouldn't let me type anymore. Anyhow, three coworkers just left. One was too fat for her blouse, another looked like she wore black a lot, and the third, a pudgy guy with a cleanshaven wattle wore designer glasses that were much too small for his wide smooshy face. But he didn't sweat. He wasn't a sweaty pudgy guy. Here's to obliterating stereotypes! Gotta go. I'm up!


i can't believe this. I'm blogging from my cell phone. If this isn't the height of tech savviness, i don't know what is. Oh boy.
i won't say where i am, becuase that makes me seem cool and mysterious. Weak, i know...but you really want to know, see? Anyhow, wherever i am, i
m people watching. This is my favorite place to people watch. There are some pretty interesting characters here. I always play the story game. Who is she? What is she doing here? What's her story? A great deal of my more developed story ideas actually come from this place. Look at that guy. Very self important and conservative-democrat looking.Like he's culturally democrat and ideologically and socioeconomically conservative. That guy is clearly gay. Shels hot. Hels reavenously hungry. Oh wow. She's eithio or aritrean or somali...That woman looks spritey and walks with a bounce like Ellen DeGeneres. Mr. Clearly Gay is on his cell phone pacing daintily and gesticulating with his free arm. He looks like he's fighting not to yell @ the person

Monday, March 27, 2006

Boastin Postin

[UPDATE! It's now in JAPAN, and is scheduled to get here on Friday, March 31st!]


I'm getting a laptop.
I DID have a birthday.
Man, I love getting birthday gifts bceause I know I'm too old for them.
So at 23, when I still get a card full of money from my grandmother, or when my family feels compelled to use the date to give me something they know I've wanted but couldn't afford, it's just dope.

So my new laptop will be here on April 12th.
My FIRST laptop, I should say...
And this little bundle of technology has a built in webcam and FINALLY a microphone IN port.
So my podcasts will be CRYSTAL clear.
And I'll be doing VIDEO podcasts!!!

I'm so hyped.
So, so so.

And, oh yeah, I got into Act One!
That's what the laptop is for...writing!
(Those of you who know the laptop are clucking your teeth right now because, CLEARLY, it's overkill for scriptwriting!)
BUT! I'll be able to put my editing software on it too so that I can edit on the go go go go go.
On a more serious note, I'm really glad that I'm getting it, but I've just realized that because of Apple's new Intel-based chip, a lot of third party software will not work or feel sluggish on my new laptop. But still reportedly faster than the old powerbooks.


So I'm moving to Los Angeles.
I'm looking for an apartment now.

I'm so glad that I got in!
Some of you have mentioned that you never doubted that I would.
Well I'm a pathelogical self-doubter.
I'm learning not to be.

Now, I need your prayers.
Going to LA means leaving the ranch here in Texas, and I really want to do that peacefully. I have a history of not leaving well. I left St. Kitts on shaky terms. I left St. John's on shaky terms. I left philly on shaky terms...can I please PLEASE leave here well. It is family, after is..."HOME".... I just want to do my part and leave a mini legacy behind so that cats are NOT cussing me out everyday trying to clean up or figure out messes that I left behind. Cuz I don't care WHAT they say, I am a significant part of this ministry, and if I were leaving ME, I'd miss me.