Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Okay motards. Here's the DEAL. If you are STILL using Internet Explorer you will have to wait until the ENITRE video downloads to view it. Got it? Otherwise it will look like the file is missing or the link isn't working. I guarantee that it is NOT. I mean, it IS...not-broken, I mean... anyhow that's important. The best thing to do would be to right-click and download the videos to your desktop, and then keep them forever so that you can put your kids through college when I'm a superstar on A&E Biography. Also, download the latest Quicktime Player.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:
Average filesize is about 25 megs

Out of Eden -
This was the very first real piece I edited on my cube G4. I thought I was so hardcore. At the ime, and even now (long story) The Kimmey Sisters (Out of Eden) thought I was a weird stalker. Oh well.

It's a Process - My first documentary project. Got me hooked. Also the first thing I shot with my then new Canon GL1. It was fresh out of the box. I hadn't even learned the settings. Knowing now how finicky that camera is, it's a miracle that we were able to pull it off. (This was a co-production with Jessica, my vid partner) Incidentally, The Process is now just two members, Mac and Al, and they HATE when I show this video.

Timothy Brindle's Hell
- I was asked, at the last minute, to help videotape Tim's album release. The audio was horrible, and there wasn't much to work with, so I edited his live performance to the studio track. Right. Nevertheless, there are some parts in the middle and the end where the synchro is frighteningly accurate. Tim is a great emcee. I also feel like I gyped the band with this video because all the live orchestration got trumped by the track. Featuring shai linne.

shai linne rhyming @ TU - shai is so nasty on this flow. The video is CRAP. It was with my first one-chip camera, and it's night time, and the compression has been to video hell and back, but the audio is relatively good, and you don't really care about the lighting. In fact, I can't imagine this any other way. This was at a BlackSoil show (a clip of Black is coming soon). Black used to emcee with Mars Ill. As usual with underground hip hop shows, people were late, and he didn't want to do his set just he invited anyone in the audience who want to flow to keep it clean on the mic...some unkown cat stepped up wearing his signature cammos and an oversized army-issue parka...enter shai linne. Waaaaaaay before he blew. But he blew! And YES, that's me saying "Oooh!!" after the Bill Clinton line. You'll see. (barely featuring the infamous HanSoul) how many bars is that??!

J-Silas @ CLC bookstore in Chestnut Hill - Chestnut Hill isn't quite the hip hop enclave that it could be. Nevertheless, the CLC bookstore stage has become a signature venue for local Christian artists to perform the week of their release. I've seen Out of Eden there, I missed Tonex there, The Cross Movement does shows and signings there sometimes...the mother from Moesha was there one It's a very unlikely venue for hip hop, but that's what it becomes a lot of the time. Check out the shots of the crowd. It's hilarious. ANYHOW. This is the COVETED "Holly Hip Hop" song. i love it. the perfect driving song. It's been performed at shows for years, yet never recorded and distributed. I love ALSO features shai as Jay's hype-man. This was for the release of "Urban Compostitions Vol 1." If you look sharp, you'll see CEO and Producer/Founder Lee Jerkins and his LOVELY fiancee' Michelle Bonilla (also a RockSoul artist).

The Morning After - This is from the year I was with "Shepherd's Flock" our first and purest year. This was a gorundbreaking year for so many of my peers because God allowed us to be broken vessels of his Mercy. We were soem JACKED UP college students who thought we had what it took to "do ministry". I know now that on so many levels, we were dead wrong...but beacuse of our pure hearts, I believe that God used us and touched hundreds and hundreds of lives (if not more) anyway. This clip is from a highlights performance of a play we did. It's an enactment of Montrell Darret's "The Morning After" The guy on stage is ME. The girl is a dear friend, the talented Ms. Alissha. Listen carefully for the whoots and hollers from the young ladies. They weren't hollering because the scene...they were hollering because they had seen the act before, and knew that I wasn't supposed to lie on top of her. Watch Alissha's leg too. What can I say? I didn't mean can also see me tugging on my shirt like every second because I thought I was a fat lard, If only I still had that boyish figure. It's an involuntary habit that always seems to creep up. I noticed it the other day in a more recent video. Ah well. That's me.

Da T.R.U.T.H snippet
- This was something short I edited together in literally, a few minutes to be played at a youth conference where Da Truth was going to be sharing in D.C. That's just the way the work goes...I get an email or a phone call, or in this case, a freakin IM! and someone says. "Hey! I need some footage of Manny that I can show for blah blah blah...can you get that to me?!" And it's always life or death, and it's always a rush rush this was one of those things dug up in like 20 mins, edited in another 20, and overnighted to Florida.

Seguin Slide Show
- A slideshow with a haunting Jeff Majors and Jason Truby soundtrack of everything we've been up to since we moved to Texas.

I hope you jerks enjoy!
Adam LOVES you!


Monday, April 11, 2005

Pray for Timi

Takia Allen, or Timi as we know her form USSCLUELESS.NET, went to the hospital yet AGAIN a few days ago. I haven't heard from her since she got there, but the last thing I did hear is that she needs a blood transfusion. This is not a joke. Our little tiff WAS a joke...a late April fools gag on all of you who actually thought that we were beefing about my beard. But Timi is really in the hospital now, and she HATES it, and she needs our prayers. Just pray that she keeps a firm grasp on the PEACE that's available to us when we're not anxious, and continue to thank God for this, even though we don't understand it. God is stronger than the average brand of strong, and he doesn't need to run his movements by us to see if we approve. We MUST believe that Timi will be BETTER for all this drama. And never forget that the battle has been won, and that we have no place in being intimidated by the demons of illness and fear and insecurity. Pray for our sister, and hit up her page and leave some encouragement in her comments box.

Pure gold put through the fire comes out PROVEN to be pure!

Timi, we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES us some you.


p.s. don't let me find out that this is really just a cover up for her to have an elective thumb-ectomy. So help me, I'll punch her in her...

Fralt Water Spring

Guys, help. I'm caca-mouthing more and more.
"Bastard" is my favorite exclamation (when losing at chess to my younger brothers)
and today, I threatened Christine that if she didn't give thanks to God for her gift of writing, I would
quote: punch her in her fucking eye : end quote. But I don't feel bad about it. The only thing that bothers me is the whole deal about freshwater and saltwater coming out of the same spring...or well..I forget. And the funny thing is, I HATE when other people use "profanity". I'm NEVER cool with it. I'm not super sensitive, but I always kind of shake my head inside, and say "I thought he/she was more mature than that."
And now the yuffing chickens have come home to roost.

In a few hours I'm going to post an adam-palooza...a smorgasbord....A LOT of throwback videos that I just dug up and uploaded from an old hard drive. I'm talking some barely visible exclusive OUTDOOR NIGHT footage of a shai linne flow, a poorly-attended COVETED performance at a bookstore of a long-lost J-Silas song...complete with clips of shai, and Ricochet, and a shot of Tubbs and Michelle before they were dating! Awwww how cute. Also, look for a clip of YOURS truly putting the moves my favorite dancer in an enactment of Montrel Darret's "Morning After" as well as my very first documentary project about a hip hop group formally called The Process, now only two members lean and known as Everyday Process. What else? Aww shucks! I'll even throw in my ashy-fisted, over-emotional, one-angle, concept video for the ever-popular "Rooster's Cry!"
Monday! Monday! Monday!
Guys, this is the most exciting monday of your lives.