Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Oh, so Ugly

First of all, I'm ridiculously confident that God will surpise me by Joy. I feel it, and I'm sending myself loony trying to anticipate it...
Unfortunately, the wretch inside won't die.

And this wretch inside pretends to be a friend...
but great friends put their lives at steak for a friend...
So he can't be a friend since he's unhappy to end...

Big smile eating/
I'm a
Big Child beating
on a drum/
I can't wait until God Comes!
I want to be holy!
and put a smile on His face.
I want to be holy!
but still I fall in this race
at a violent pace
I can't call my disgrace
But I'm too small to
Diss Grace.
I'm a'
Big Child on/
His Face
I know it's/
time for embrace
and I/
desire His embrace
and I'm/
designed for embrace
but this/
time, can I stay?
How many/
times on this day
must I/
rewind and hit play
just to/
listen to him say:

"Adam, you're mine,
and you're clay...
...Adam, you're mine,
and you're clay...
...Adam, you're mine,
and you're clay..."

Monday, January 24, 2005

Skunk in the barnyard...

Aww, See??

Plaid pants worn in rants/ ants had a funny stance/
lanced wounds/spituned for two funny days in June/
speaking of/ what's a glove mean/ when she wore it in my dream?/

This illusionist's disillusion is drivingmedrivingmesendingmewithconfirmationofdelivery...

The bad word.

Speaking OF....

Cow shit
Cow shit
Cow shit

Until I start to bloom and bust out beefsteak tomatoes,
this is

Cow shit.