Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Haters, BACK UP.

I like my beard and my beard likes me. This week has been REPLETE with hate-criminals flailing their tongues at my poor innocent beard. I won't have it any longer.

"Um, it was more balanced when you had long hair..."
"You look like someone's grandfather..."
"You look MEAN!"
"If you can braid it, it's time to cut it."
"Dude, you look so oooolllld! Young-ify yourself again..."
"It makes you look fatter."
"Now you REALLY look like ?uestlove...even though you have les hair."

Uh, right.

Last time I saw one of my friends, she just stared at it. For a long time. It was so cinematic. Eventually, I was like: "What?!" then she snapped out of it like she was dreaming and said: "Oh...uh...nothing, I uh, have a lot"

It's not gender-specific either. Mens and Wee-Mens agree.

I'm 22
I live in TEXAS for goodnessakes..
I don't CARE.

Granted, I must address the claims that I'm following the Philly trend. This claim only holds water, albeit a drop, because I did live in Phildot for like 4 years. But while I was in Philly, I did my best to defy the typical dress and comportment. I didn't have anything against it specifically, (you'll NEVER catch me wearing a long tee, though. Ever)I just never like to blend in. I'm like a rebel with an insular cause. If I move back to Philly, I'll probably wear cowboy boots and big buckles. And I'll say "y'alls" "Here's y'alls coffeecups, I hope y'all enjoy y'alls dinner. I'll be y'alls server, Daniel..."

So I never abhorred the beard of the Philly Muslim, I just didn't want to be confused for someone in their cause, or worse, to be confused as one of the millions who embraced the beard just as a fashion statement, in the midst of those who rock it as a lifestyle accessory. If I lived in 1940's Nazi Germany, I'd hardly be like: "Red Black and White is so SEXY right now!"

My beard means no harm...and believe it or not, it's actually forced me to be more conscious of how I look, and how I eat. The height of embarrassment is to walk around with bits of breakfast lodged in your tuft. Gross. And you guys KNOW me. Now that people have spoken out against the beard, it's definitely staying for a while.


p.s. I'm still wating for comments and questions about the script!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

My Script

Enjoy. Feedback is a must.


Sometimes I wake up, and I just want to ROAR like Aslan.
What a few couple of days. The internet is supposed to be a toy.
I don't like it when it becomes more than that--
whether it becomes a component in my downfall, or a battle ground on which God hands me a sword and sends me out to hack away...
Well anyhow, being online has become a chore, but in a good way. I remember when 2:00 AM would see me trying to "accidentally stumble into some 'interesting' content" (when I wasn't badman enough to seek it outrite...) Now it feels like God is injecting some purpose into my use of the internet. Once again, the pimpage takes place.
Internet, you've been pimped.

Anyway, that was an impulsive aside....

Back to the movie.
God is so great with the details. It looks like I'm going to have the COOLEST props for the film.
My wonderful friend Mahlet SAVED the ghettoblaster she promised me (long story), so now I can use an authentic late 80's model Radio Rakim boombox for the breakdancing scene. Yes, THE BREAKDANCING SCENE. That's another long story. I wrote it at the behest of the kid who will prayerfully play Felippe in the film. I had a quick little sit-down, and explained the film to him (it's mostly about grown-up things, you see) and then I told him that his character has the most important role and that he would have to memorize a lot, and show-up all the old heads... Then he got really quiet. He's 11. And then out of NOWHERE he said: "Why don't you just make a movie about BREAKDANCING?!"
"Yes. Forget all that other stuff and just make it about breakdancing. I like breakdancing."
then I choked him.
Wait...that was in my head. Then he twisted my arm and made me add the scene, which is the VERY first scene. But it works.

Anyway, the best prop is the egg beater. Check it out in the title link. Good stuff.
Can't wait to get it.

The script will be up in NO TIME.
Seriously. By the time you read this, there may be a link attached.
That's what I have to work on now..
See ya, mofos!

In the meantime, check out my pictures at flickr

I really gotta memorize the code for links. Unfortunately, blogger doesn't offer formatting tools for macs.

Monday, March 28, 2005


My grandmother has been targeted by real-life Nazis because of her book about racism being a mental illness...
I can't say more, because I found the link through google, and I'm sure that some of you reading this now found MY page the same way. If you want more info and a direct link to the evidence, email me. Of course, I'd have to verify first that you're not a Nazi, and that you'll abide by a promise not to hunt down my Grandma-ma` and make her put the crowbar on you...
It's really kinda funny. She laughed when I told her.

In other news, the script for "!Narciso, Despierta!" (Narciso, Wake Up!) is officially registered with the Writer's Guild of America...that means that I can relax a little about sending it around for comments.

Also, thanks to some extra-groovy websites, I bought some lights today that will be modified for use in the film, and later this week, I'm going to build a camera dolly.

The movie wasn't really a secret...I just don't like to talk about things too much until I'm sure that My Producer In The Sky has given the greenlight...if I didn't wait on that, I'd NEVER shut up about the "movies I'm gonna shoot"....

"Narciso" is the film I wrote before I moved to Texas. As I wrote it, I didn't WANT to freakin move to Texas, but I wrote beacuse God said so, and that was that. Needless to say, I got to Texas and literally met every single member of the cast I'll need for this film. It centers around a grumpy aging Mexican American hipster, and his coming to grips with reality and eternity and lemon merengue soufflee`. It's probably the most fun, and "true to my style" film I've completed. And it's SO SEEMINGLY RANDOM. And the cast is predominantly hispanic even before I knew that the town I'd be living in is almost TOTALLY HISPANIC. Mexican jokes aren't funny anymore.

I'm right...

Right now, I'm so right.
Righteous, for sure.
Anyone who knows me knows that it's not my own will that has brought this about...
But I feel so connected...and so right.
Miles and miles and miles away, I am right where I need to be, living successful at living.
In communion with a Patient and Loving Savior (who doesn't have to be)
And a part of such happening...

But this is Seguin!
Seguin is the MIDDLE of NOWHERE...
But Jesus has touched my mind, and focused my eyes, and tuned my ears...
And I can tell from the timbre that this is where I am supposed to be.
For now, until now takes up residence in a new here.

And God is redeeming them ALL!

What does an eternal God do with his time?
Supposing that God put the final bodyslam on the game a couple millenia ago,
What's he been up to?! I believe that He is Clear and Present...
but I mean, what's he been doing? What's he cooking up?
Ever watch Iron Chef? Ever see a chef finish waaaaay ahead of time?
That's what God did...
and now he has time to garnish the dishes of our lives with crisp and refreshing carrots and cresses....
And he's gentle and confident, and victorious..
How Strong!

And He's MINE!

Poor Smeagol...