Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Friday, June 06, 2003

Dancing is a convention to me...
That doesn't make sense...
What I think i meant is:
"Dancing isn't something I just do."
I guess I have to decide to dance...
There's a difference between 'dancing' and 'reacting to music'.
Dancing is much more than a recognition of the beat.
Dancing is your own calculated response to the beat, or in light of the beat.
Like life.
Almost everyone bobs their head the same way, but few people dance the same way.
Like life.
Life happens just like music happens.
For the most part, we can't control it.
But our reactions to life, our dance....

Thursday, June 05, 2003

I want Oxtails.
When I go back to philly tomorrow, I will get Oxtails.
I also want good Chinese food. I'll have some of that too.
What next?
The Chinese Bakery, K.C.'s Pastries!
Happy, happy fat man.
That jasmine iced tea is good too.
A while ago I was hungry for some good deep dish cornmeal crust pizza from UNO, but that's passed.
The oxtails abide.
I suppose it's good that there's only really ONE thing on my list that absolutely want...
AND HEY! I'll have my DAD'S CAR with me. No more waiting for Septa.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I've got to get back into TLAK.
It's like a blog....but it's something I created.
It's best LIVE and direct, but it may be useful as a recording.
The only problem is that for my own personal 'use', I'm sure they'd quickly become disposable.
Let me explain...
Sometimes I call it "TLAK", sometimes I call it "TAP"
I don't do it often anymore, and I've yet to truly make it public.
that's because TLAK is dangerous.
By definition, I'd lose all my friends.
It's like alcohol on stage, minus the alcohol.
It's just me, a mic, and my unfiltered, uninhibited, unadulterated thoughts.
From the brain to the mouth, from the brain to the mouth....
I just let it roll.
It's not like "i'm just gonna say whatever the freak I want to"
I don't "think" and then decide to speak.
I speak first, and think later.
No unintelligible sounds aloud.
It has a rhythm, but it's not musical
It's unstoppable...words and words and phrases just coming. It's not always bad. It usually brilliant.
And sometimes it rhymes.
TLAK is my answer to the construct of spontaneity.
Even "freestyle" and "freeverse" and "independent media"
have taken on distinct parameters...
TLAK is true.
And the great thing is, that sometimes, TLAK is for me and sometimes, TLAK is for you.
TLAKing helps me see what's readily on my mind...what goodness, what Godness, what filth...
and it lets you in on the God-inspired nuggets that usually get smothered in my own dressing and inhibition.
You'll like TLAK.
But if you get it at all, now you understand why a recording of TLAK would seem to defeat the purpose...
Primarily, it would be a waste because it woulnd't feel authentic, and also because it would lack the relevance of the
particular and unique time of it's recording.

Get me?
Ah, to TLAK.
It can be Glorius.
It can ruin you.
Double, double edges.


Tuesday, June 03, 2003


I've been blogging in the wrong place...
my mind is not right....

Oh, the neglect.
Oh, the confusion.

Never again.
That means that you don't know about my songs or my florida trip....
It must be for the best....
Well I'll post the lyrics here first,
as soon as I polish them up and record the obligatory low-def sexy mp3.
Never again.

for old time's sake...


I was gonna go to Hell,
But then I met God.
Was living life all by myself,
But then I met God
(oh, oh, oh)
Jesus Christ just saved me, and I don't know why
(oh, oh, well)
But then I met God, But then I met God, But then I met God.....
(la di da da da da)

Word, my party peoples. Afroman has joined my camp.
He's become a Christian and is trying to get dropped from Universal.
He says that He no longer wants to be associated with the marijuana mentality.
He says that they've got him trapped in a 'marijuana jar'

Well don't that just beat all.
His new mission is to lead young rap fans to Christ,
and to glorify God with his life.

Everyday just gets better.
--those lyrics above are obviously mine--

Scream....(the angels are)