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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Take me to another place....

I heard Arrested Development's "Tennessee" and it took me waaaaay back down memory lane. It took me to Princeton, NJ...ten years old...a hot-orange tanktop...a high-top (no fade)...stone-washed-two-toned denim shorts, and a freakin slap bracelet.

Miiiister Weeeeendeeeeelllll......

Yeah, Jas, Myspace is about as skanky as they wait...that's blackplanet....

Here's the skinny on MySpace. When I was in Philly, I signed up for it, and saw it just as you see it now. I click, click, clicked my way from bosom to buttcheek, from drunk lesbian college girl to insecure shy girl who takes experimental pictures of herself in the mirror with a digital cam.
(And there's a spirit that goes along with that photo; you can see it in the eyes. It says "Hey...I don't look so bad!" It's even more intense than the notorious webcam pic where the subject isn't looking into the camera, but admiring himself as he takes a picture of himself taking a picture infinitum)

So yeah. MySpace used to be my frustrating foyer into the less obvious and more complex side of voyeuristing fascination--a pornographic appetizer, if you will. So I hated MySpace, and I hated myself. Just like you might hate yourself for getting lured into and caught up in one of the many girls-gone-wild-esque infomercials...after it all, Satan punks you and says:
"Bet you never thought I'd have you turned out because of a COMMERCIAL...."

MySpace was like that. It was like going into the adult section of a 'normal' videostore. Because that's always acceptable, right?
Anyhow, sometime around the middle of last summer, in a fit of indignation, I cancelled my membership. Later that summer, I went through some crazy changes...CRAZY changes...including my own personal Chappelle. I'm actually still on my Chappelle. In Texas. From Philly to Texas. Right. Anyway...
When all was better, when I was thinking clearer, when I had moved out of my self-loathing mentality, when I had really let God pick me up out of the muck and the mire, God began to peck.
One person in particular kept referring to MySpace...and I'd always turn my nose up at a junky who all of a sudden hated everything having to do with spoons and rubberbands.
Well this kept happening...from all over. People kept asking me about MySpace...I even denied that I knew anything at all about the website a couple of times...but then one day, (get ready for this...)
God told me to go back.
I promise you, I didn't want to. I didn't have any MySpace friends, I didn't care for the whole self-centered vibe (eg. MY<--space)...but I felt that weird, Holy-Spirit-Push...and so I did. I went back. And I even had a manifesto on the page about how I hated MySpace, and was only here to find "real" people, and not was pretty brusque, and I know now that it's scared a few people away (namely a member from OOE on whom I'd had a crush back in the day). But little by little, Christians kept popping up! On MySpace! Pigeon JOHN is on MySpace. MarsIll is on Myspace...The Procussions are on MySpace...people I know in the flesh started hitting me up and leaving encouraging messages, and sharing their art...I got a million and twenty-eight chances to share. They let you put up bulletins and pictures and VIDEOS and's amazing.

And it's so dynamic...
I haven't forsaken Blogger, but I've found something unique on MySpace...and it doesn't mean that the random friend-invite doesn't come from a webcam vixen (and that I don't have to make the conscious decision to delete it), but the whole purpose is different. And for now, I'm going to reach out and connect with as many cats as possible...

And SHEESH, Christine, the person was Lei...she hit me up, and I was like... "Small world...I seent yer book!"
And then she proceeded to give you high praises. And then after that, she began to play hard to get. Jerk.
The End.
(of the world as we know it...)

Incidentally, I had a debate with someone last night about my love-hate relationship with Howard Stern.
Film at eleven.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Something Wicked...

Check out my myspace blog. The Crash review is there too...And so is the Gay Rainbow post. As well as the 3 Eves video. And Christine, you'll never believe who dropped by.

And you can see my stupid pictures.... complicated list of interests...

Incidentally, the guy who wound up doing the Crash review for relevant TRASHED the movie, and was consequently throttled by the readers in the comments page.

Now, my little padwans, pay attention.

MySpace Blog

The Crash Review Relevant decided to go with.

Ta, freakin Ta for now.