Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Thursday, January 02, 2003

I'm perfectly fine going the road "alone", because I'm really not.
I just can't believe that I'm the only one of my kind out there.

awake from your dreamin/ these demons/
will get you while you sleep/ providing false security/
and what you think you need /you've been deceived
soul penitentiary/ you never get a chance to be the sain you meant to be/
a half a dozen million ways for you leave this earth/
the only one I would suggest, my love, is called 'rebirth'/
we're called/ we serve/ no other reason for this life/
we're all like bowls/ and God ain't have to pour this life/
you want to go on living like there's nothing more to this life/
what did you ASK FOR the night you screamed "I'M BORED OF THIS LIFE"?/
He heard your cry/ and The Father put His Spirit in me/
He's got a plan for your life, my love, so listen to me.

Listen to me cats/ watch your backs/
look out for those demons who go stab you in tour back/
listen to me Christians/ watch your backs y'all/
when you're a Christian, you can't relax y'all

and that's it...the same message I got. I'm going to keep packaging it until I get another one, or I die. Whichever comes first.
I still fall asleep, but even when I do, Christ is there in my dreams.
Wake up.
Let's keep each other awake.
ironically's 4. AM
i'm going
God Bless....

who *screwed* us over so badly that we became blind?
you know, they say that masturbation causes blindness...
I have to agree...
If all you see is you, then, there you have it.
You are, I am, we are blind to all else.

Emcee Precise said "Christ's the truth staring at you dead in the face."
When he said it, it was preceded and followed by other rhyming things against a nice instrumental, but you get the gist.

We look all over and never find.
Doesn't the search become a waste if we never find?
It does.
Who am I begging?

I've really worked to clean up my "passionate" vocabulary...
but you know which one I want to scream now.

We're just all subdued.
Our bellies.
It's all about our bellies.

a feast is ahead, but we won't stretch to get it, because we must remember our bellies.
Wilderness-walking, mana-forsaking, milk-and-honey-scorning....

If this isn't the starkest contrast between the old 'lawful' way of life, and Christ's freedom-life, (in the tradition of the book of Hebrews) i don't know what is:

Abraham's peeps wandered for 40 years in the wilderness.
Jesus did his do in 40 days.
I'm no good at the math...what's that? To be exact we'd have to figure out the number of days including leap years and then divide by 40? There's an easy formula out there. I'm admitting my math defficiency, but I think that's 364.25 the time Christ did. And 40 days is 4/1461 of the time it took to lap the Promised Land.

Promised Land.
Already promised.
Just go get it.
but our bellies keep us, like dental-floss chains.

Welcome to Adam's humble world of confession.
I'm crying. To many of you, it may seem like I'm telling you this more and more.
I am. But for those of you who know me, you know then how much I've been moved if I shed tears.


Genesis 11 The Tower of Babel....

Can't we though?
Can't we assemble as one people, all on the same page?
Christ's page?
Surely with the foundation of Jesus as Christ, and the supremacy of God's glory in absolute view, we can.
Can't we?
Come on, my lazy friends. Just ride over to Genesis 11 and read it.
Just the first 8 verses. Really read it.
And don't be quick to demonize God.
That would be a grave mistake.
Just open your eyes.
What do you say?

You're past the fill line on seduction.
Fine china and polished cars - seduction
perfect english outside home alone - seduction
dolled up kids - seduction
manicured lawns -seduction
christmas lights, picture frames - seduction

don't cook it because you're afraid of E. Colli.

working so you can be lazy

seduction is insecurity;
seduction is a well-shopped $150 a month policy that will never pay off
seduction is wearing the clothes that steal from your financial obligations.
seduction is why we rip off pricetags
seduction is why we leave them on
I'm sick in the thick of seduction
why don't you just ask?

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Too much, and not enough.
Let's go, God.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Can I just take this opportunity to say that the book of Hebrews is the sheezy? I'm chomping at the bit to know what happens next. Christ as a man...suffering and sweating temptation as a man, being made perfect...sinless...he did it, so can's amazing. Don't worry. I didn't start to almost maybe get it until I had read it a few times. Which reminds me: it may sound impressive or intimidating to those who don't call themselves Christians when they hear someone who says "I've read the whole Bible", but who really cares, duke? What's that mean? Thanks for sharing. Now we know that you know that you don't know anything anymore. I've read the gospels 7 or eight times give or take a few hundred...Call me Nicodemus, but I'm still mind-boggled when it comes to 'dying daily' and 'eating his flesh'...Christ burgers anyone?