Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I'm a fall-down, ground hugging, can't even hug the ground, dirty-nailed, pebble scraping, too-stupid-to-look-up, sorry sorry sorry sorry, SORRY child of man. AND! I can't do what I won't do so I don't do what I should. And how can I expect greatness when I won't even do 'good'?

My prayer:

God, I love you; help me to REALLY love you.
God, I hate myself; help me to TRULY hate MYself.
God, I love myself; help to genuinely love myself.


Blogger jasdye said...

well, wherever you are, there you are.

yeah, that need to recognize ourselves as beloved by God and - through the blood of Christ - worthy of his love. but just wrong and stupid so often.

Jesus, help us to die to our sinful, selfish desires.

10:10 PM

Anonymous Fran said...

Wow, that was pretty deep...and He WILL help you!!

7:28 PM

Blogger jasdye said...

happy berf-day, jerk-face!

mine's is a week (and, like, 8 years - away).

we are like twins! except for the whole eight years of separation thing. and that you work on a farm.

5:39 PM

Anonymous ConsecratedJC said...

dude you are so cool and so real.

Depth does not exist with pride.

kudos to you,

oh yeah this is gabi's with an "i" friend.


5:46 PM


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