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Friday, May 13, 2005


Hey Adam,

I like your writing style and the voice that you carry, however, there was
a "Crash" review already turned into me. I need to get you on our list of movie
reviewers ... So, Cced to this email is Matt Wiggins who is the online
editor for movie reviews.
Thanks for sending it our way.


Managing Editor
Relevant Magazine

Thursday, May 12, 2005

This is my blog...

...there are many like it, but this one is MINE!

So if I want to talk about my underwear, that's precisely what I will do.
Ladies and gentleman, after a TEN YEAR hiatus, I am back in thr "briefs camp".
I know this may come as a shock to many, but I cannot continue to live my life under false pretenses.
Anyone who's been keeping an eye on my laundry should have seen it coming miles away.
I've been into briefs ever since I can remember. It all started with some batman and superman briefs I had.
I was only briefly allowed to wear the GI JOE briefs. But I wore them.
One day, in a fit of pride, I decided that I'd no longer allow my mother to buy me undies. After all, I was 11!
So as I grew, my boxers stayed the same size. And after a while, they began binding me.
My remedy for this was to walk around with my hand in my pocket, and dig the elastic out of my groin whenever it got too uncomfortable. My parents thought I was a chronic masturbator. This is only clear to me now, 11 years later.
One day, my dad who was usually busier than a Cuban mechanic woke me up before he left for work.
Dad: Adam?
I was determined to fake asleep.
Me: *groan?*
Dad: Adam, wake up for a second...
Me: Huuuh?
Dad: Your mother asked me to speak to you...
Me: *groan*
I knew it was coming.
Dad: Your mother thinks that...well...
Dad: Your mother thinks that you're rubbing yourself. I told her that's crazy, but she wanted me to make sure...You're not...are you?
I was nearly dying of laughter inside, but I decided to spare the poor man.
Me: My underwear....
Dad: What?
Me: *groan* I's too tight....
I think at this point, my dad did a back hand spring.
Dad: You're underwear! Of course! I'll buy you some today, and then we'll get some that you like on Wednesday.
Me: *groan* MmKay.
Dad: Have a nice day.
Me: UghhhhhRGgha....

And so that weekend I bought my first pair of boxers. Flannel boxers. I was so into flannel because I thought I was Corey Matthews. I was in love with Tyra Banks, Whitney Houston, this one older model from my Mom's Chadwick's catalog, and of course: TOPANGA!!
So naturally, my boxers were flannel. And they felt funny. In a great way. Anyhow, fast forward several years and I graduated to boxer briefs. I rode those forever and a day (first pair was by Chereskin, ironically, I bought a navy Chereskin suit my freshman year of college). Next I ventured back to straight cotton boxers because I could change pants in a crowded room of my brothers without having one of my brothers wonder if he's gay because he accidentally saw my form fitting boxer briefs for a split second. Around this same time, I began a more active lifestyle, walking more and playing ball more. I did this because I was a fat lard. Heavier than I ever have been. So I went up a size in boxers, but if you know boxers, for some reason, they skip a size. It's so weird. XL is 38-40, XXL is 42-44 DOUBLEYOU-TEE-EFF?! So I aired (pun intended) on the larger side, and there began the debacle. Also, I have no butt. Thanks Dad. I have no butt. Apparently my dead grandfather didn't have a butt either. So even if the right size were there, there'd be extra fabric. And there was. Now...I don't think I need to diagram the chaffing process that occurs with excess fabric and baggy jeans and inner-thigh friction. So I won't. But that was the LAST STRAW. It even began an unhealthy fixation with Lotrimin, because I thought that I had constant jock itch (reverting to Adam @ 11 years old), and I was known in private private circles for...circling my privates...scratching. And this was all due to the what, the boxers, the what? The boxers! And I don't know how it happened...but miraculously, perhaps as an emergency backup, or just to feel sexy, I bought some regular old tighties. They weren't whiteys...I can't stand white underwear...I had red and grey and blue and black...a four-pack, I think...and one day, that tragic emergency came, and all my boxers were in laundry Hell, and I donned the tighties. I think the clouds parted, and I heard a voice from Heaven praising my deed. I knew from that point forward that I would never return to the bondage of boxers. There are practical and propriety reasons for wearing boxers, and on certain occasions, I may find it more appropriate to wear boxers...but you best believe that I am on the way to Wal-Mart RIGHT NOW to stock up on these wonderful elastic garments. Talk about the bride of your youth! There's just no THERE, there anymore! Why hadn't I understood this before? Talk about support! Portability. Have you ever folded boxers?! Do you know how much drawer-space boxers take up?!
Aww shucks. It's a revolution.
Fruit of the LOOM!

DISCLAIMER: I am not into thongs or bikinis. I'm talking about regular old-skool tightey whiteys, minus the "whitey" (no offense to my readers of the caucasian persuasion.

The End.

Ask for me tomorrow, and you will find me a [supported] man.
-Mercutio; Romeo + Juliet

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Applying Jesus like makeup.

blogger needs to let me display video here. How uncool.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes...

Despite the rumors you may have heard, I am not, nor have I ever been, married.

But I AM Back!

My first order of business has been to spend time with my lovely wireless internet connection.
One doesn't know what one will miss when one is away, does one?

I did a lot of writing and thinking while I was away.
Lot's of inner battles and interesting dreams.
It's Mother's Day.

While I was gone, I rented about a dozen movies. Blockbuster should know my name by now.

In the theaters I saw Crash (go see it now) and Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy (not much fun for blokes like me who haven't read the book). I also saw a movie called "The Guardians"---well I saw what may have been half of it...I walked out. It was horrible.

I brought lots of books with me, but didn't read any...and I bought Augustine's Confessions when I was in Florida. I also finally bought Brady's album "The Incredible Walk". And I picked up the latest copy of Relevant which featured a very interesting interview with Moby. He's a direct descendant of Herman Melville! That's why they call him Moby. So I'm late with it, what else is new?

They say I lost weight while I was away but I don't think that's true. And I thought I was a fat lard. We'll see.

In pettier news, I had two ongoing struggles while I was away. The other one was a struggle whether or not to buy some white sneakers. I always buy white sneaks, but this time around, none of them fit me the way I liked. But MAAAAAN, were they fresh! Now I have a grey pair of Reebok Classics, and a grey pair of Adidas skate shoes. They're comfy, but they're not white. I also haven't been able to find a satisfying pair of denim shorts this season. I'm changing! What's wrong with me?

I can't wait to go for a walk around the ranch. Atlanta was kind of claustrophobic, but I did a lot of inside work.
And Brady says that "The Inner Me is the Enemy".
Nicely put.

I was also attacked by all of my grandmother's friends who think that I should be supporting myself and charging way more than free for my "services". We'll see. It would be nice to get paid. Maybe I'll make a website or a poster to put up at WalMart.

I also have another script almost done, and almost ready to shoot. But I'm always saying that here, and I never do anything, so I won't talk too much about it. I need to learn to overcome circumstance, and really live for my art...
But the problem is that I write so many far-reaching ensemble pieces that when one person drops out, the whole thing goes batty...So I think I may rewrite Narciso to be more about him, and have less to do with other peope.
My grandmothers just got here. Time to eat.
S'good to be back.

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes...

I'm married!