Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Monday, March 24, 2003

(I'm not trying to spark rebellion in anybody's heart. The Bible tells us to pray for ALL LEADERS, NOT JUST BUSH. So Saddam gets some of your prayer time too.

But check this out: IF the U.S. is 'successful' in this war, and IF by some chance or default we wind up "occupying" or "re-establishing" Iraq, such that we oversee the development of their country, do you know what that means in terms of Biblical procphecy? If America occupies what used to be Babylon, then when Daniel and John talk about Babylon, they're talking about the 'you dot ess dot ay"—
let that marinate.

So with THAT in mind...PRAY for every leader.
It doesn't matter WHO's got the oil. Babylon (Iraq) is Babylon.

now everybody scream.

It's still beyond me, and probably those who know me well, how anyone could ever call me "the quiet one."

Just so that the world knows,
Tobasco is my ticket to food, music, and fun.

Nothing like a crisp juicy bosc in the morning to fill you up and give you gas.

Have a good day.