Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Saturday, May 10, 2003

I figured it out.
I stop cleaning during finals...
Finals take place during allergy season....
I'm allergic to pollen and DUST...
So since I don't clean, and there are allergies, and I'm unnecessarily "Stressed" about "Finals"
I get sick.
Not next year.

What's cool about my bed, i mean couch, i mean bed...
is that it's hurts.
I can't oversleep, because it hurts.
So I can only be SO MUCH of a bum...until I have to rise...
1/4 of the room is clean...the kitchen...
now I have to do clothes on floor, bathroom, and an actual cleaning of the floor...
and always laundry.


Thursday, May 08, 2003

God's not into recycling...
You can't live your creation befrore it's created....
Adam, this means that you can't live a hollywood Christianity if you are going to try to introduce Hollywood to Christianity....
Hmmm....let's try that again...
Serious and intense skateboarding practice, and a few if not many skinned appnedages, gives way to a 2 minute run.
Years of footage can become one 2 hour documentary.
You have to be serious about your Bible study if you intend to give a succinct presentation.

This blog is officially for me.
I don't care who reads it, but from now on, people don't matter....
So if you read this, and then read any later posts, realize that I have an audience of one:
I need a semi-permanent place to talk to myself since I don't listen very well.
It's like my joke "Could you say it in Chinese, because I understand Chinese....?"

I don't seem to understand the scriptures on my wall. I don't seem to understand the lyrics I deliver.
I don't seem to understand the words I push on others.

I'm being pursued. There is a being trying to kill me. A limited, cunning being.
Like the traditional "white man" (the above proviso has officially taken affect. I know what I mean, froget what it looks like I'm saying.
Anyway...Satan, my only enemy, is not omnipresent. He rules from afar. Within bounds and limits... yet he rules the world, and the air. See?
Don't you see how a limited Satan is more of a threat than an omnipresent Satan? Don't little guys punch harder? Satan doesn't have the artillery God has, so his tactics are necessarily complicated. If i don't know where you're going to be, I can't attack you with a sniper's gun. That's why the famous sniper had to shoot random targets. It's so hard to attack with a sniper rifle. Don't get me wrong, don't be deceived. Snipers still lie in wait, but they're in wait. Instead, Satan has to use mine-fields. Bombs everywhere you look. Bombs and Bombs...because he doesn't know where you are...Nerve gas everywhere because you might just show up...

My my my, when I realize the power of my tongue..if the tongue is compared to a ship's rudder which can lead it eiher to danger or well-being, then it isn't a whole in and of itself. Therefore, vain repition will not do a thing. "positive confessions" are empty unless they are directed by knowledge and understanding. When's the last time anyone sailed to Africa on a rudder alone?
"Naw man, as long as you have a rudder, you can get there."

So I won't be able to effective excercise the creative power of my words until I can understand them, why they are crucial, and the severity of things. How many of us actually view guns as good things? How many of us see guns as tools and valuable assets? That's because we don't understand what good they can bee when handled responsibly. The same goes with everything...
God's word?

I remember when I saw my first one.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

You know how some people actually get offended when you say the word "darn"?
There exist certain individuals who get seriously heated when they get warned on Instant Messenger.
What's that about? As if we all don't have six million three hundred ninety fourthousand seven hundred and eighty two screen names...
I squeezed a girl's hand in prayer once, and she YELPED AND SCREAMED HOLLERED right there in the whole circle of people.
She was serious. I felt so bad...I was only playing. Sheesh. Everyone looked at me like I was a monster. LOL
But come on, walk it off!
Ah well... guilt is alive and well. I'm not going to get into a battle of trying to justify myself; All I can say is "sheesh".
I hate when people tell me I 'go too far'. That is the mose condescending attitude. I hate that. I didn't take it to heart, but again, "sheesh" man.
First of all, to pass even a simple judgement like that is to elevate yourself to a position of never doing or having done so. And second of all,
THAT'S not going too you underestimate me?! I'm very creative! I can go MUCH farther! Count your blessings!
Okay I'm a bad man.
See? I knew I'd find a way to make Jesus shine!
Wow, now I'm really a bad man.
I'm just anxious.
There are so many spirits at work around me....seriously. It must be spiritual. People chill, and are fine all year long until "'s finals time!woooo..." then we get so anxious and forget how to freeking do dumb stuff... I know people cramming for intro to computer classes....question one: "Create, and save a word document, and label it with today's date" OH NO!!! What does she mean by date?! Do i put the date she created the test, or the date i'm taking it? But I'm pinoy! It's already tommorrow in Paranaque City!!! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

I feel bad because I haven't been keeping up with my video equipment...I easily have $5,000 + dollars in video equipment collecting dust all semester. I can count the times I filmed an event and used Final Cut pro on one hand. Together. I hate Temple, and photoshop, and the whole School of Communications, and God help, me I don't know the man, but I'm mad at Mike K. for not getting me into his class next year...hate is evil man, and I'm dealing with it....
I must be in position.

You have no idea who I am.
I'm not living up to my potential.
I must be excellent.
No, really.
I'm greater than anxiety.
I haven't been bought so that I can be a slave to fear and uneasiness...and uncertainty...
it's real.


Awake from your dreamin/these demons/ will get you while you sleep/ providing false security in what yout think you need/ you've been deceived/ soul penitentiary/ you never get a chance to be the saint you meant to be...

now everybody scream.