Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Saturday, May 24, 2003

sometimes I wish i were in england then i could justify never punctuating my sentences sometimes i think that a pause in ym typing justifies or implies a comma

im done but youll never know and youll never be able to infer how long it took me to write this bye what if i had a huge epiphany while writing this

Nsa is a terard, and i'm LOVING the new LAYOUT click the ban an a

i'm going to baffle the world, and write a song while I'm down here...
Another Tillman-Young boys collabo.
And I'm also going to treat The Jesus Movie, and write another Irish Moss song.

I've been forgetting to


Why do I only blog hate?
Hate, Hate, Hate.
Speaking of which, I watched Spiderman three times today.
The DVD sucks.
The camerawork in I am Sam should STAY in I am Sam.
notebook anyone??
No, not a laptop, a regular old blue line on white page composition book.

I'm angry that i'm in florida, and i'm on the COMPUTER creating an entry.
Creating and entry. That doesn't sound right.
I need a notebook.
I saw Bruce Almighty and it was not too bad.
But let's not forget that almost doesn't count.
Ahh well. Jim Carey is still a great actor.
Too bad he didn't act in this one.
So. I'm battling Adam again.
He's back, and in my face.
This is the first time I've enjoyed being at my sister's school.
She has nice friends and a very attractive school-life.
The End.
I want a notebook.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I've got a sickening urge to push someone's buttons.