Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Deeper Magic

So here's the puzzle...
We can break God's will...
But God's will can't be broken.
Selah with that one for a spell...

So much is wrong, that the few right things, which have turned out not to be as tied up in the wrong things, are really shining through.
The poeple thing is great...

The funny thing about Jesus is this:
To our knowledge, he DID NOT have a sexual relationship with anyone during his years of ministry (the three of which we know). Yet he loved everyone so completely. Which necessarily implies that sex is nonessential to love.
What then, is sex?
Eva Bran must have missed her calling.
What then, is sex?
I think that in far too many areas, we have given far too much to far too many things...
At the same time, I think that we don't stress what we should.
American Christians major on the minors, and minor on the majors....
And it has the capability of crippling those honest and earnest enough to have the Faith that gets them through.
So we find at work, a Christianity in which the 'persecution' comes from the church itself, and other people meaning well who call themselves's a horrible spincycle.
I'm in to. So are you.
Everyone is in it...
Once the man said something like: "You're not special if you do YOUR thing YOUR way..." because EVERONE, good and evil alike seeks to have his or her will be done...
Rather, when we do the uncomfortable things God's way, we are rewarded in our spirits, here and now.

I found a book of writing from when I was like 14 and full of snot..
but I did say something that I still like...
"Shame on the construction worker or waitress or bartender who doesn't write."
I think I was trying to express how vital creative outlets are for everyday people.
You don't have to be a writer to write. Nor a painter to paint...Nor a singer to sing..
And often, almost always, those non-professionals provide the most inspiring and relatable works of art.
Because it's genuine and not trained.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I'm such a...

Poser. From the people who brought you the dancing baby, spawns Poser. I recently borrowed a copy of Poser to test out before buying. It's too eerie! I modeled my own head! It looked just like me without all the facial hair.
Anyway, this will undoubtedly factor very greatly into my toolkit. I'm going to try to get some of the expansion packs for making clothes and hair. There's not very much noble use for a bunch of 3D nude people...or is there?


or not...

I also just received another book in the mail. I can't tell you HOW many books that makes that I'm reading simultaneously.
Yet another thing that WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED if I were in Philly.
Mary just polished her nails.
Just stick an index finger in my NOSE, why don't you?!

And also, this just in...

PUDDLEGLUM is officially the best Narnian character in the world.
"You're welcome to stay in he wigwam...but I don't think you'll like it very much. And if the roof doesn't come crashing down, you'll surely wake up stiff from the floor, or stiff from the cold, I shouldn't wonder..."

Monday, October 25, 2004

Homosexual Subtext

Oh my!
Just saw Shark's Tale.
It was not too shabby at all. I'm still confused at why Will Smith and Eddie Murphy continue to behave like minstrels for Hollywood, but all of that aside, it was very entertaining. I won't hate.
But whoa! The gay subtext couldn't have been more obvious..
It's about a shark who feels like he can't please his demanding father.
He says
"I'm not like other sharks."
"You're the first fish I've told..."
"I'm a vegetarian."
and he's a cuddly shark. He whines a lot, and he's very fond of Will Smith's character "OSCAR", who is uncomortable with the shark's physical affection...not to mention the visual cues and the symbolism of having to wear a disguise, and having family members try to force you to just 'act like other sharks."
It was there.
And I just found out that Bryan Singer is gay too.
He directed the X-Men movies and The Usual Suspects (pretty versatile, no?)
Anyhow, that gave a totally new light to the scene where that one ice-kid is "coming out" to his parents about being a "mutant."
And his mom said "Well have you tried...NOT BEING a mutant?" Then she was like: "I just want you to know that I love you no matter what." Then she tried to blame herself for his being a mutant (all the while Singer insists on playing up the fact that the kid was "born that way")...but in the face of the mom's blame, another hurting mutant says something along the lines of: "Don't worry. Tests have shown that it's usually the FATHER who is responsible for passing the gene..."
Yeah's DEEP.
Did you think that the director of The Usual Suspects would just make a COMIC BOOK movie?
Think again.

See? We all have allegories wheter we know it or not.
Hill City Parables FOR LIFE!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

My, My, My...
What a morning I've had!
I don't know what to do. I feel like voraciously attacking my manuscript and plunging us both into a frenzied rapture of strokes...pen ones.

If I were at all superstitious, I would say that "there's something about Sunday".
It's so glorious. What other days compel me to even say the word "glorious"???
And I don't even go to Church on Sundays...
I think Sunday is so great because everything you do is so genuine (outside of the evil "church")
When you pray, it's not because you've been barked awake for family Bible study at 6 AM.
When you read it's not because you've been asked to, or so that someone can enjoy the sound of your hurting voice.
When nothing is expected of you, yet you give and do and live anyway (out of genuine love), God is pleased!
I feel my truest when I give without being solicited.
There is something to be said about selflessly loving someone the way they "want to be loved", but there is also something to be said about just giving!
Isn't it enough, that I want to share my sandwich with you? Does it matter if you don't particularly care for salami?
And "Love" must be a Divinely monitored blanace of those two...
If I focus on my disdain towards salami (or maybe I find all deli meat hateful), I miss the Utter Godliness in the fact that I wanted to share with you at all.

I don't know what to write about, there's just so much...

1. My increasing suspicion of the inherent evil in the good designs of "church"
2. Love and Sex (kinda already went there.
3. Parents
4. Obedience
5. Why I'm so so hardcore.

Okay, Okay.

A Common Sense Approach to Racism...

My grandmother beat me to it!
Her new book is out. Only the e-book is available.
Paperback at Amazon in about a fortnight!
Peep the free preview..
Grandmama is the bomb....son!