Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

I miss Neisha.

I'm drinking a lot of tea because I'm an easily influenced corporate tool.
By the way, I'm home.
Let Jennifer begin.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Go, Oswald.

"The feebleness of the churches is being criticized to-day, and the criticism is justified. One reason for the feebleness is that there has not been this concentration of spiritual energy; we have not brooded enough on the tragedy of Calvary or on the meaning of Redemption. "

How true. Too bad it was written in 1935.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Passion of Adam

Who knows when The Passion came out.
In any event, the day it did, I saw it, and the next day I went to a discussion about it at school. The discussion was held in the room usually used to screen the crappy 1$ movies that the glorious activity board had lined up. The same room where I lost braincells watching "Two Can Play That Game". God forgive me.
Anyway, it's a big room. This is where the "discussion" was held. (Switching to lit. present now)

So we show up for the discussion, and the place is packed. SRO. Not an inch of chair or carpet or stair or railway in sight. Everyone wants to talk about the passion. Yeehaw. So they show a "provocative teaser" where people cringe and ooh and ahh. And then out come the opinions. It's too gorey, it's too jew-hating, it's too catholic, it's too distorted, it's too anglo, it's too gratuitous. Bladiddy Blah Blah Blah. And everyone has a point of view, and everyone is talking about the impact that this film will make on "people."
First of all, MANY of the people who raised their hands to speak hadn't even SEEN the film. They were just speaking for class participation. But even so, those of us who have are way of track. We're sitting there, about 300 deep talking about OTHER people, WHO AREN'T EVEN THERE.
Everyone is so concerned about how it will look to people, and what people will think as a result of the film. Everyone's afraid that it's propaganda, and that it will incite revolts. Crazy right? How arrogant!
It totally negates film as a personal medium, which metaphorically negates the indiviudual effect the film has.
I had beef with the movie from the gate, when I could SEE Jesus's prosthetic nose GLEAMING in the fake moonlight. But I had to put those things away. The movie struck PERSONAL chords. It rang true for ME.
Nobody's ever told me that the movie "just didn't do it for me". And I've heard very sound "arguments" that the film is a blessing, and I've also heard people say (very understandibly)that the film is a pure work of witchcraft. But in each case, nobody says anything about "me." It's always a frenzied opinion about how it will look, or what people with think. As if you're the only one with a brain.

Monday, November 22, 2004

God's Funny.

Click the title of this message.
How fitting. I bow, Lord. You got me again.

Alright, already.

Khristi's relentless velocity and Nsa's Nsaness have dragged me out of hiding.

I just woke up from a night-nap, stumbled upon Khristi's blog, and it sent me running. So in continuation, here we go:

I came to an impasse with Khristi, because I found myself doing what I was refuting. And that's the problem with arguments and debates (the good, civil kind): nobody want's to effin' grow!
Well I want to grow. I doubt that King David danced around the battlefield. I doubt that he "fenced" with his enemies. I'm pretty sure that he looked for the surest blow and took it. That's what apologists should do. I think we should leave our fancy arguments for each other, and handle the rest of the doubters Aragorn style."Take him down, Lagolas!". I guess my most famous example is the issue of homosexuality. My discourse, and my disposition changes with the company I'm around. Not from pro to anti...but just with reasoning. I'm always challenging Christians to embrace homosexuALS, while challenging homosexuals to imagine a world where they're not the beast they imagine themselves to be. To strip down the stigma, and see what's left of their lifestyle. Likewise, I often find that it's not the 'abomination' that bothers most Christians about homosexuals. They're much happier to see the symptoms gone than to find wholeness. I have spent hours around a table with Christians talking about the particular aspects of homosexuality that may or may not be sinful. When I find myself talking about the issue to a homosexual, I'm not going to run through the hypotheses and postulates about being gay, and 'the gay mind' (whatever that is). In fact, my conversation will probably have nothing to do with 'homosexuality'. There's nothing special about it. It's a sin. A 'reformed' homo still lies and masturbates and cheats and lusts and murders and harbors selfish ambitions. A reformed homo is still heading to Hell. As is your educated thug, Mr. Cosby. The issue is not the issue. It's the issue. LOL. To focus on sins rather on SIN, is to imply that by cleaning ourselves up, and appearing presentable, or having corrected dialectic, or modified behavior, that we are not acceptable in God's sight. It's a deception. 'A distrortion' as John Kerry would say.

I think I'll leave it there, and be done with this because I just saw it nearly bite me. I hate dabbling in reason, because she's a very beautiful killer. Reason is sexy, and I've been made chaste. I much prefer the love-vows of my Master than the fleeting flirtations of my own seven pound brain. It quickly becomes very pointless and foolish. This talking about talking is so arrogant. I'm wasting perfectly good time that could be spent TALKING.

In other news, I had another great dream.
Also, I bought a high-powered slingshot today.
Heck yes, Goliath. Watch out, Jerkface.
Above all, I'm excited about moving to Texas (if that's where God will have me).
Our ranch is flippin SWEET. I can't even get over calling it a ranch. LOL
...back on the ranch dot dot dot. The people from whom we bought the ranch had a cattle lease until the end of the year. That means that there are freakin HERDS of cattle roaming all 114 acres of the place. Longhorn steers at your front door, Duke. S'craziness. We have a "tank" (what texaners call a pond) on the ranch too, but I can only catch very small bluegill...about 3 inches. One of the borders is also the Guadalupe River, and it's like something right out of a Mark Twain novel. It's kinda rough though. Visible whirlpools. I guess it'd be kind of me to post pictures. Even as a filmmaker, I never have been the kind of guy to take pictures of the cool sentimental stuff. I'm an ass. Poor wrteched self. God help me. I only take pictures of what I think people don't want to see, not of what people might like to see. I'll make a point to worship God by taking pictures of this place and displaying them for you guys to see. What a giant leap for adam-kind. See? I'm discovering myself still. I have never gone on a trip and bought a disposable camera, and I've never been one to tell people to gather around...and I never say "smile!" Most times, you don't even know that I've taken your picture. But even I have been redeemed.
Way to poop on the party. LOL
God Bless!