Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Thursday, November 04, 2004

A Wind at the Door...

Lost in simple fantasies.
Letting go never felt so grand...

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Two birds in the hand...

I'm amazed at the human body.
Donny's telling me about nanotechnology that could introduce microscopic robots into the blood stream. These robots are capable of reproducing themselves, and performing simple "little robot tasks" me it just sounds like an imitation of the cell. Mechanically, the human body is as perfect as it gets...we regenerate, we're pliable, we can learn, we can adapt, we can use our central nervous processors to make tasks more efficient...we're the best PC out...

And believe it or not, this post is really about dreams...
I'm amazed at the dreams I feels like I'm being allowed to live twice.
My dreams are so vivd and enjoyable and interesting and inspiring's unbelievable.
It should literally be illegal to dream as productively as I do.
And I'm thankful for that.
God didn't miss a thing, did he?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Raisin Bran.

God is ridiuculously amazing...
He's using RAISIN BRAN and WHEAT CHEX to explain this to me...
I guess this only makes sense to me...but God has been showing me lately that
too much of a Good thing can be Bad...
and I've been OBSESSED with Raisin Bran lately...
I eat AT LEAST one bowl after each meal, and often a bowl late at night.
And i'm putting the weight back on.
I've also been lifting a lot which could account for the added weight, but let's be SERIOUS here.

Because in other, perhaps more important areas of my life, I've been wondering if too much of a "Spiritual" thing can be bad for you...

One time I had a moral crisis in my life, and in response to my prayer for clarity, I dreamt ALL OF SUPERMAN 2 the movie..
and I knew what it meant.

God talks crazy talk sometimes...

Be Easy...

I'm feeling very silent.
Everything floats these days.
There's an enemy lurking, and I'm not certain how to flush it out.
A brother is a better enemy than an opposite...
I'm finding great comfort in my local relationships these days...
I've had the argument before that "online friends" are different than "local friends"
And they are (to me)'s a different quality.
And the list goes on...I have "online friends" that I've known for YEARS longer than my local friends,
But my local friends have seen me sneeze and sweat and pick my nose, and they know what I look like when I'm confused..
or what "LOL" really looks like in living color.
Yet there's a level of exposure that I allow my online friends versus my local friends. I spend longer hours at my leisure online than I do in friends can "be there" at 3 am...
But then again, I also have online relationships with people who I'd propbably not relate to in the flesh.
Conversations don't match.
What an existential question particular to our generation!
Another layer of the "Who I Am" cake.
I guess online friends can potentially follow you wherever you go.
Oh! And let's not forget the locals who are online! My godsister who lovingly called me to make sure that I voted is online ALL day, every day, and we hardly speak.

Yeah...once again, this post went nowheres quick.
I just had a great convo last night with an old friend from Philly who is also living here in MD in the oh-so-exciting world of college afterlife, and it made me think about all the relationships in my life.

Also, God is GREAT, Cakes...
I now can see reason after reason why I was snatched out of Philly, and it really hurts...but it's a thankful secure kind of pain...Where I see that leaning on my own understanding would have led me to the crap-pile. And it hurts because of my former passions and convictions...
Take a minute to suppose: that your deepest mose trusted conviction (apart from God's own existence) is wrong. The only reason I exempt God from this is because, well, he's GOD, and because in this scenario, it is GOD who proves us (or rather, lovingly shows us) wrong. What if the ONLY thing you currently cling to is wrong? Not just that, but what if God surgically removes you from that situation, and you see weeks from now that you were wrong?
How can you not proceed to doubt your other convictions? How does this NOT lead to a total abandonment of the things we hold dear??
It's the inevitable path towards God...
Like Oedipus...he ran away from his prophecy right into his destiny.
ALL things testify to God's truth...sacred and pagan alike.

It's a mad mad mad mad mad mad world.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Things I Thought Up First...

1. The words "Chillax, Chillaxify, and Chillaxification" only the first one took off.

2. The short hand abbreviation of "with+the"..."Withe" still hasn't popped off.

3. When I was 11 I wrote my first action script based on a dream I had. It starred myself of course, along with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith (sound familiar?) Except in mine, Jones was the bad guy, and Will Smith and I were the good government agents. Jazzy Jeff showed up as an informant, and there was a scene in the movie with the Chief (scripted for the late Nell Carter) that was almost identical to the scene between Estevez and Dreyfuss in "Another Stakeout".

4. I wrote a short story about a little girl who inherited a monkey from her father, a retired astronaut. The monkey, as it turns out, had been preconditioned to respond to some stimulus, which reverted it to some secret mission. In the course of a day, the monkey saw the stimulus, and hijinx ensued. Later, a film called "Monkey Trouble" was released.

5. I started work on a script about a group of Christian misfits (much much much MUCH like the academy on X-men), and their leader spends most of his time in a chamber hooked up to a machine. (More Xmen) but the way he controls the computer is with his hands, because his hands are the remote controls...(Minority Report)

6. My mother invented sweet potato bread without ever having heard of it prior

7. I also invented the fat know, the nicotene patch for fat' supposed to curb food cravings...
This thing factored heavily into a joke I made up for a standup was about being fat as a kid...Now it's not as funny because actual patches like this exist...

What's yet to be done?

1. Will Smith will one day be cast as James Bond or Bruce Wayne (perhaps in a film cleverly called "The Dark Knight"

Wait a minute...what am I doing?!
I'm not telling you my secrets!!!
Just look for the fresh prince in some white roles.
I almost gave away the goods.
I shouldn't be so loose.
Tsk on I.


Mahlet found my blog, and now she thinks she's the MAN!
She has discovered the secret world of Adam Mack.
This forrest will never be the same...
Dun DUn DUn!!!!!
I wonder how many other silent lurkers there are...
I haven't been back very long at all..
It was my own fault. She freakin GOOGLED me...
and I had registered somewhere and linked an old geocities page which in turn pointed here.
In other news, I've switched to PowWeb, and I just bought
Sweet, no?
I did it all for the bandwidth, the what? the bandwidth, the what?
Hot deegy.