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Monday, March 28, 2005


My grandmother has been targeted by real-life Nazis because of her book about racism being a mental illness...
I can't say more, because I found the link through google, and I'm sure that some of you reading this now found MY page the same way. If you want more info and a direct link to the evidence, email me. Of course, I'd have to verify first that you're not a Nazi, and that you'll abide by a promise not to hunt down my Grandma-ma` and make her put the crowbar on you...
It's really kinda funny. She laughed when I told her.

In other news, the script for "!Narciso, Despierta!" (Narciso, Wake Up!) is officially registered with the Writer's Guild of America...that means that I can relax a little about sending it around for comments.

Also, thanks to some extra-groovy websites, I bought some lights today that will be modified for use in the film, and later this week, I'm going to build a camera dolly.

The movie wasn't really a secret...I just don't like to talk about things too much until I'm sure that My Producer In The Sky has given the greenlight...if I didn't wait on that, I'd NEVER shut up about the "movies I'm gonna shoot"....

"Narciso" is the film I wrote before I moved to Texas. As I wrote it, I didn't WANT to freakin move to Texas, but I wrote beacuse God said so, and that was that. Needless to say, I got to Texas and literally met every single member of the cast I'll need for this film. It centers around a grumpy aging Mexican American hipster, and his coming to grips with reality and eternity and lemon merengue soufflee`. It's probably the most fun, and "true to my style" film I've completed. And it's SO SEEMINGLY RANDOM. And the cast is predominantly hispanic even before I knew that the town I'd be living in is almost TOTALLY HISPANIC. Mexican jokes aren't funny anymore.


Blogger Revolt said...

Whoa, nazis? Like the real ones or the punkish neo-nazi textbook ones? Well either way, sheesh. But your Grandmother is hardcore though, I'm not surprised she chuckled at it.

Yay! I finally get a copy of Narcisso :) I will be looking out for that one. And there you are complaining about Seguin. Seguin could be the next TORONTO when it comes to cinema, think about it.

And lastly, why do some of your posts double themselves? Or am I just really delusional?

12:42 AM

Anonymous Timi said...

You're grandmother will be ok. She's covered by the Blood. *sings* "oh precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow. No other fount I know, nothin but the blood of Jesus."

*bows* lol

I want to read your script.

2:53 AM

Anonymous Fran said...

Yeah, I am with timi about your gramma...she will be ok! :D

Oooh I would love to read that script, see the film....I have seen the ones on your other site, and I love 'em! Ohhh and nowonder you came up speakin some spanish on myspace...your pretty good too! :) *xoxo*

6:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that sounds like a good book. how can i get my hands on it! :P

it sounds like an interesting film.


1:42 AM

Blogger Hip-Hope Sparrow said...

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4:55 PM

Blogger Hip-Hope Sparrow said...

Hola y Shalom,

Filipinos get mistaken for being Mexican and ninjas all the time, so I can relate to the ignorance, like my own when it comes to filmmaking (I was a film major for like a minute). However, I do have a screenplay short that nobody seems to want to shoot (again), plus some ideas for documentaries and full length stuff that are worthy of the golden baldy... My comp doesn't have sound so I had to peep your films - visual manna - in silent film mode. Look out for Amos Gitai (Israeli dogme filmmaker) in the near future. First name's Cliff; I think yours is Adam, but I don't want to blow up your spot. I'm the type of person to jump at an opportunity to shine, so if my writing has piqued your interest, perhaps you'd be interested in swapping ideas, including my screeplay... then shoot it, submit it to a bevvy of film festivals, then spit a gracias speech for dopest shorty. My friend Thomas is shooting a film as we speak and has visual candy on his site as well, besides perking God's ear during worship:

p.s. I've come across Christian skinheads before... one's Jewish in the Talmudic tradition if you can believe that

4:57 PM


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