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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Haters, BACK UP.

I like my beard and my beard likes me. This week has been REPLETE with hate-criminals flailing their tongues at my poor innocent beard. I won't have it any longer.

"Um, it was more balanced when you had long hair..."
"You look like someone's grandfather..."
"You look MEAN!"
"If you can braid it, it's time to cut it."
"Dude, you look so oooolllld! Young-ify yourself again..."
"It makes you look fatter."
"Now you REALLY look like ?uestlove...even though you have les hair."

Uh, right.

Last time I saw one of my friends, she just stared at it. For a long time. It was so cinematic. Eventually, I was like: "What?!" then she snapped out of it like she was dreaming and said: "Oh...uh...nothing, I uh, have a lot"

It's not gender-specific either. Mens and Wee-Mens agree.

I'm 22
I live in TEXAS for goodnessakes..
I don't CARE.

Granted, I must address the claims that I'm following the Philly trend. This claim only holds water, albeit a drop, because I did live in Phildot for like 4 years. But while I was in Philly, I did my best to defy the typical dress and comportment. I didn't have anything against it specifically, (you'll NEVER catch me wearing a long tee, though. Ever)I just never like to blend in. I'm like a rebel with an insular cause. If I move back to Philly, I'll probably wear cowboy boots and big buckles. And I'll say "y'alls" "Here's y'alls coffeecups, I hope y'all enjoy y'alls dinner. I'll be y'alls server, Daniel..."

So I never abhorred the beard of the Philly Muslim, I just didn't want to be confused for someone in their cause, or worse, to be confused as one of the millions who embraced the beard just as a fashion statement, in the midst of those who rock it as a lifestyle accessory. If I lived in 1940's Nazi Germany, I'd hardly be like: "Red Black and White is so SEXY right now!"

My beard means no harm...and believe it or not, it's actually forced me to be more conscious of how I look, and how I eat. The height of embarrassment is to walk around with bits of breakfast lodged in your tuft. Gross. And you guys KNOW me. Now that people have spoken out against the beard, it's definitely staying for a while.


p.s. I'm still wating for comments and questions about the script!


Anonymous Timi said...

"You look MEAN!"

I said that, but you took it way out of context. You knew what I meant! I wasn't referring to your beard. I was referring to you NOT SMILING in the picture. You do look mean and the beard has absolutely nothing to do with it. I like the beard...and I told you that. I am not a hater.

You owe me an apology...

10:19 PM

Blogger Revolt said...

Yeah you owe Timi an apology Mr. Grouch.

I personally laughed my head off when I saw the picture, it reminds me of the stoic, pseudo-militant hardcore pic Common has on his 'Electric Circus' cd cover (which challenges the 'Philly look' consensus).

You're just a rebel with a really shallow cause. Boooooooooooooooo!

Script comments will come when I actually get to thoroughly read it, ummm sometime after my finals this month.

11:07 PM

Anonymous Fran said...

I actually don't even think you look mean...I mean, how could you with those puppy eyes? LOL You just look like a sweet teddy bear...*shrug* That's just me couldn't hurt a fly! :D

oooooh and I need to go read the script, then I can put my 2 cents in!

7:02 AM

Blogger Me said...

lol. you are nuts, but that's a good thing.

i agree with Timi. why you bein mean to her!!!!!

you already know what i think about the script, but i still have to finish it.

9:26 AM

Blogger Carlo said...

um, can i have a copy of the script too so i can comment? how you'll get it to me i don't know but i'd like to check it out . . . for lack of better literature. ;)

9:40 AM


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