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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Sometimes I wake up, and I just want to ROAR like Aslan.
What a few couple of days. The internet is supposed to be a toy.
I don't like it when it becomes more than that--
whether it becomes a component in my downfall, or a battle ground on which God hands me a sword and sends me out to hack away...
Well anyhow, being online has become a chore, but in a good way. I remember when 2:00 AM would see me trying to "accidentally stumble into some 'interesting' content" (when I wasn't badman enough to seek it outrite...) Now it feels like God is injecting some purpose into my use of the internet. Once again, the pimpage takes place.
Internet, you've been pimped.

Anyway, that was an impulsive aside....

Back to the movie.
God is so great with the details. It looks like I'm going to have the COOLEST props for the film.
My wonderful friend Mahlet SAVED the ghettoblaster she promised me (long story), so now I can use an authentic late 80's model Radio Rakim boombox for the breakdancing scene. Yes, THE BREAKDANCING SCENE. That's another long story. I wrote it at the behest of the kid who will prayerfully play Felippe in the film. I had a quick little sit-down, and explained the film to him (it's mostly about grown-up things, you see) and then I told him that his character has the most important role and that he would have to memorize a lot, and show-up all the old heads... Then he got really quiet. He's 11. And then out of NOWHERE he said: "Why don't you just make a movie about BREAKDANCING?!"
"Yes. Forget all that other stuff and just make it about breakdancing. I like breakdancing."
then I choked him.
Wait...that was in my head. Then he twisted my arm and made me add the scene, which is the VERY first scene. But it works.

Anyway, the best prop is the egg beater. Check it out in the title link. Good stuff.
Can't wait to get it.

The script will be up in NO TIME.
Seriously. By the time you read this, there may be a link attached.
That's what I have to work on now..
See ya, mofos!

In the meantime, check out my pictures at flickr

I really gotta memorize the code for links. Unfortunately, blogger doesn't offer formatting tools for macs.


Anonymous Timi said...

Your knuckles need some lotion in a serious way. lol

11:57 PM

Blogger Revolt said...

AAAAHAHAHAA, Ashy Adam! The trampoline pics are dope though, especially the one where you're in mid-air and your gabbing your foot behind your back and don't really see the trampoline in the pic. You look soooo totally skater, dude!

2:57 PM

Blogger rayheart3 said...

What? Adam ashy?? :-O ;-)lol...I'm sending you and Sheldon some Vitamin E and Aloe. Bleeding fist...aha. Healing will come though...from the inside out. (just don't pluck with it or with the scab when it comes...the scab will come off on its just the right time)

Anyway, let me find out The Fam's working on big things in the T X.
(side note) what color is that on the house? I wasn't quite sure from the picture. (& yes I know that was a such a girlie question)

Back to my comments. You grew the facial hair back...ok, ok. But Adam, please tell me I don't see the Philly look developing there. If you can braid the beard it's time to cut it down some. ok my Looks like you were having mad fun though. Guess I need to get me on of those. (a mini trampoline that is...for now)

11:38 AM


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