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Monday, October 25, 2004

Homosexual Subtext

Oh my!
Just saw Shark's Tale.
It was not too shabby at all. I'm still confused at why Will Smith and Eddie Murphy continue to behave like minstrels for Hollywood, but all of that aside, it was very entertaining. I won't hate.
But whoa! The gay subtext couldn't have been more obvious..
It's about a shark who feels like he can't please his demanding father.
He says
"I'm not like other sharks."
"You're the first fish I've told..."
"I'm a vegetarian."
and he's a cuddly shark. He whines a lot, and he's very fond of Will Smith's character "OSCAR", who is uncomortable with the shark's physical affection...not to mention the visual cues and the symbolism of having to wear a disguise, and having family members try to force you to just 'act like other sharks."
It was there.
And I just found out that Bryan Singer is gay too.
He directed the X-Men movies and The Usual Suspects (pretty versatile, no?)
Anyhow, that gave a totally new light to the scene where that one ice-kid is "coming out" to his parents about being a "mutant."
And his mom said "Well have you tried...NOT BEING a mutant?" Then she was like: "I just want you to know that I love you no matter what." Then she tried to blame herself for his being a mutant (all the while Singer insists on playing up the fact that the kid was "born that way")...but in the face of the mom's blame, another hurting mutant says something along the lines of: "Don't worry. Tests have shown that it's usually the FATHER who is responsible for passing the gene..."
Yeah's DEEP.
Did you think that the director of The Usual Suspects would just make a COMIC BOOK movie?
Think again.

See? We all have allegories wheter we know it or not.
Hill City Parables FOR LIFE!


Blogger huh? display what? said...

I got the homo thing about his coming out as veggie too.

Yeah the Singer dude is gay...and I'm glad he directed X-Men. I never knew he did Usual Suspects and I've never seen it. I'm big movie illiterate for the most part. I can point out so many small actors and actresses though.

10:02 PM

Blogger ChrissyBee said...

So I've seen it now.

And laughed and laughed, since you gave me the heads up.

Fascinating I say.

10:58 PM


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