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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Cold Day in Hell...

God, I hope I don't have to eat my words...
But somebody, please kick me there if I ever spend $120.00 for 6 pair of boxers.

I got that from Christine's blog.
I mean seriously, I thought it was an auction for like 6 PALLETES of boxers...
And they're OPENED!
Show me the error of MY ways...

May I never trick out for a name-brand.
Praise God for Wal-Mart.
Maybe when I have someone special enough in my life (my wife)..
THEN maybe I'd.....

No you know how many grilled snapper dinners that is?
Let's breeaaaak it on dooooown (thank you, Blackstreet)

120 for 6 boxers
OR, 2,ooo megs of flash memory.
120 for 6 boxers
OR, 23 MiniDV tapes from EVS.
120 for 6 Boxers
OR, About 1oo breakfast tacos at Las Palmas
120 for 6 Boxers
OR, another 1,ooo + days of web hosting
120 for 6 Boxers
OR, 240 compostion books for my hypergraphia
120 for 6 Boxers

Do you know how much SUSHI that is?
It's over. I need to put this man out of his misery. Who was going to pay....
You know what?
I'm going to watch a B&W murder mystery.

which was a gift to me...
from the DOLLAR STORE....
Ahhheeeeeeeemmmm *gag* *choke* *pass out*

120 for 6 Boxers
or Shop for Adam Tillman-Young's next 120 birthdays.

P.S. Played ball again tonight. Hit the winning Jaaaaaaaaaaay HA HA!
(And "J" is the first letter in "JESUS" So there! I'm boasting in CHRIST!)

much love.


Blogger Revolt said...


WORD! That's kind what I tried to tell him, just minus the specifics. He's so mass culture, there was no getting through. I didn't even NOTICE the price until you blasted it. I was hung up on his adamant desire to buy name-brand crap, even off of Ebay.

P.S. S-U-S-H-I. Please don't tell me you're an addict like the I.

P.P.S. *crowd roars for winning J* I didn't even know you played ball like that meng. Holler.

7:39 PM

Blogger Me said...

$120 for an opened package of six pairs of boxers?!!! that's ungodly. there should be a biblical commandment against wanting to buy or sell junk like that. lol. please.

12:47 AM


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