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Friday, May 13, 2005


Hey Adam,

I like your writing style and the voice that you carry, however, there was
a "Crash" review already turned into me. I need to get you on our list of movie
reviewers ... So, Cced to this email is Matt Wiggins who is the online
editor for movie reviews.
Thanks for sending it our way.


Managing Editor
Relevant Magazine


Blogger jasdye said...

Hey, that's awesome. Relevant seems like your dream gig. Mine (Harvest Rock Syndicate) folded years ago, about when I was in high school and would've been too young. I've been trying to check out the Relevant but somehow, it never clicks with me. Maybe it's the name. Like, "We're trying so hard..." I don't know. I'm such a nerd, I get pumped about receiving my Books and Culture mag in the mail and going to Borders to get Paste mag every other month.

But, you'll get your chance, I'm sure.

7:01 PM

Blogger Revolt said...

Ahhh don't stress it man, you'll get em next time Gadget, next time.
You have a lot of balls man to submit your review to Relevant, I'd bet you'd submit one to Don Cheadle himself if you had the chance.

9:59 PM

Blogger jasdye said...

first off, i wanna say that i love christine's reference to inspector gadget and what's-their-names? mad. dr. mad or something. anyway, i remember that voice, and the clenching fist, and the stroking cat,and the plane that would always get away.

or was that dr. evil?

go, go, gadget mouth.

anyway, i finally got around to checking "hill city." that is yours, right? i only saw the pretty/ugly thing. nice. reminds me of this book i'm reading by don nelson... no wait, that's the b-ball coach. don rickles, don corleone, don somebody. it's called "searching for God knows what." i wrote about it like a week and some ago, i think. but he makes a sim point on the isaiah passage. says that it's not a big deal, 'cuz it's just natural, him being ugly and all - like we shouldn't be all scandalized and whatnot. i'm startin' to wonder if we should take this truth and shout it from the rooftops.

i think more people would feel free. psssh. "Jesus himself was ugly. y'know, not that you are, or anything. just sayin'. you know, Jesus was, um, you know..."

hmmmm, better rethink that. heck, i'm not as cute as my pic would depict. can't get my hair to be pointy like that.

10:25 PM


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