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Monday, April 11, 2005

Pray for Timi

Takia Allen, or Timi as we know her form USSCLUELESS.NET, went to the hospital yet AGAIN a few days ago. I haven't heard from her since she got there, but the last thing I did hear is that she needs a blood transfusion. This is not a joke. Our little tiff WAS a joke...a late April fools gag on all of you who actually thought that we were beefing about my beard. But Timi is really in the hospital now, and she HATES it, and she needs our prayers. Just pray that she keeps a firm grasp on the PEACE that's available to us when we're not anxious, and continue to thank God for this, even though we don't understand it. God is stronger than the average brand of strong, and he doesn't need to run his movements by us to see if we approve. We MUST believe that Timi will be BETTER for all this drama. And never forget that the battle has been won, and that we have no place in being intimidated by the demons of illness and fear and insecurity. Pray for our sister, and hit up her page and leave some encouragement in her comments box.

Pure gold put through the fire comes out PROVEN to be pure!

Timi, we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES us some you.


p.s. don't let me find out that this is really just a cover up for her to have an elective thumb-ectomy. So help me, I'll punch her in her...


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