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Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Passion of Adam

Who knows when The Passion came out.
In any event, the day it did, I saw it, and the next day I went to a discussion about it at school. The discussion was held in the room usually used to screen the crappy 1$ movies that the glorious activity board had lined up. The same room where I lost braincells watching "Two Can Play That Game". God forgive me.
Anyway, it's a big room. This is where the "discussion" was held. (Switching to lit. present now)

So we show up for the discussion, and the place is packed. SRO. Not an inch of chair or carpet or stair or railway in sight. Everyone wants to talk about the passion. Yeehaw. So they show a "provocative teaser" where people cringe and ooh and ahh. And then out come the opinions. It's too gorey, it's too jew-hating, it's too catholic, it's too distorted, it's too anglo, it's too gratuitous. Bladiddy Blah Blah Blah. And everyone has a point of view, and everyone is talking about the impact that this film will make on "people."
First of all, MANY of the people who raised their hands to speak hadn't even SEEN the film. They were just speaking for class participation. But even so, those of us who have are way of track. We're sitting there, about 300 deep talking about OTHER people, WHO AREN'T EVEN THERE.
Everyone is so concerned about how it will look to people, and what people will think as a result of the film. Everyone's afraid that it's propaganda, and that it will incite revolts. Crazy right? How arrogant!
It totally negates film as a personal medium, which metaphorically negates the indiviudual effect the film has.
I had beef with the movie from the gate, when I could SEE Jesus's prosthetic nose GLEAMING in the fake moonlight. But I had to put those things away. The movie struck PERSONAL chords. It rang true for ME.
Nobody's ever told me that the movie "just didn't do it for me". And I've heard very sound "arguments" that the film is a blessing, and I've also heard people say (very understandibly)that the film is a pure work of witchcraft. But in each case, nobody says anything about "me." It's always a frenzied opinion about how it will look, or what people with think. As if you're the only one with a brain.


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