Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I was gonna go to Hell,
But then I met God.
Was living life all by myself,
But then I met God
(oh, oh, oh)
Jesus Christ just saved me, and I don't know why
(oh, oh, well)
But then I met God, But then I met God, But then I met God.....
(la di da da da da)

Word, my party peoples. Afroman has joined my camp.
He's become a Christian and is trying to get dropped from Universal.
He says that He no longer wants to be associated with the marijuana mentality.
He says that they've got him trapped in a 'marijuana jar'

Well don't that just beat all.
His new mission is to lead young rap fans to Christ,
and to glorify God with his life.

Everyday just gets better.
--those lyrics above are obviously mine--

Scream....(the angels are)


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