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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Something Wicked...

Check out my myspace blog. The Crash review is there too...And so is the Gay Rainbow post. As well as the 3 Eves video. And Christine, you'll never believe who dropped by.

And you can see my stupid pictures.... complicated list of interests...

Incidentally, the guy who wound up doing the Crash review for relevant TRASHED the movie, and was consequently throttled by the readers in the comments page.

Now, my little padwans, pay attention.

MySpace Blog

The Crash Review Relevant decided to go with.

Ta, freakin Ta for now.


Blogger jasdye said...

gosh. i just whizzed through your site and review, i didn't get a chance to actually read it. same with the Relevant one. like maybe 1/2 way thru the comments section. they are tearing him UP.

i'm telling ya, ya'll get your chance to shine there.

5:11 PM

Blogger Me said...

I read Relevant's first and then I read yours and well looks like Relevant made a mistake. I wonder what they were looking for.

2:04 AM

Anonymous Fran said...

Alright bub, on my way to seeeeee!

4:42 AM

Blogger Revolt said...

Hmm, that Crash review is a lil haterific, which is why Relevant chose it, obviously. More controversy, more buzz. Blah.

I dig yours way more.

And who dropped by?!?! Should I be looking for it on your MySpace *vomit* account somewhere? I saw my girl Lei hit you up on there though, holler.

Now I'm anxious, whooo dropped by? Digame!

12:43 PM

Blogger jasdye said...


obviously i'm new to the whole blog thing. i only started mine a month ago. i'm SOOO old school (i'm pounding away on the keys like it's a typewriter.

but myspace looks, well, slutty. maybe i'm just saying that 'cuz the girls are totally hot and i'm jealous. or the fact that everybody seems to be equated as a friend or not-a-friend or something. i don't know.

but, you can put your media on there. so i'm happy for you. just don't know if i wanna sign up to leave comments and stuff, there.

i likey, though. your chappelle piece was right on. and the something wicked was really well written.


6:56 PM

Blogger jasdye said...


so i finally read your review. i CAN'T beLIEVE you didn't mention Magnolia. again, i ain't seen Crash (although i'm a fin'a now), but the similarities you bring up are eerie. LA's specificity (c'mon, LA always Plays Itself. ok, i haven't seen that), the self-referentially convoluted gathering of disparate and desperate people and plots (a la half of Altman's films), the elements dropping from heaven at the end (frogs in the case of Magnolia, rain here) furthering the gatherings.

i didn't understand what the guy said when he said you didn't explain what the movie was about. maybe i'm just testy when it comes to that. 'haven't i piqued your interest? haven't i informed you enough. what do you mean, what does it mean?" aaaarrgghhhh.


4:45 PM

Blogger Puddleglum said...

I didn't want to!
I did THAT on purpose too.
I've seen Magnolia, and I've seen Shortcuts (and the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE "TIMECODE") But I wanted to let this movie grow into itself a little. In Shortcuts, Altman uses an earthquake, and you're right..the snow is just like the frogs...that's why I thought it was contrived a little....a lot...but that was the hollywood part...the obligatory natural phenomenon...oh well. SEE IT.

1:48 AM

Blogger jasdye said...

didn't timecode have selma hayek? can't be all that bad. rreerw!

or was it the jean claude van !dizzammn! movie? he kicks serious astericks.

2:51 PM


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