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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Oh, so Ugly

First of all, I'm ridiculously confident that God will surpise me by Joy. I feel it, and I'm sending myself loony trying to anticipate it...
Unfortunately, the wretch inside won't die.

And this wretch inside pretends to be a friend...
but great friends put their lives at steak for a friend...
So he can't be a friend since he's unhappy to end...

Big smile eating/
I'm a
Big Child beating
on a drum/
I can't wait until God Comes!
I want to be holy!
and put a smile on His face.
I want to be holy!
but still I fall in this race
at a violent pace
I can't call my disgrace
But I'm too small to
Diss Grace.
I'm a'
Big Child on/
His Face
I know it's/
time for embrace
and I/
desire His embrace
and I'm/
designed for embrace
but this/
time, can I stay?
How many/
times on this day
must I/
rewind and hit play
just to/
listen to him say:

"Adam, you're mine,
and you're clay...
...Adam, you're mine,
and you're clay...
...Adam, you're mine,
and you're clay..."


Blogger Revolt said...

I'm the proud owner of the audio rendition too :)


And stop telling these lies about how I'm a 'better poet' than thou.

4:24 PM

Blogger Puddleglum said...

yo! you remember!
Today I felt like that...
I finally cut my hair too...
And I've written another verse to tack on at the end, but it doesn't have much resolution, so I'm gonna leave it be for now.

5:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey adam *huggies*....I just read your comment on my site...thank you! :)

Wow, I am glad that you stumbled on by and gave me a chance to come by here, cause I am really loving your blog. Your words have some sort of captivating effect. Keep on sweetie!

-Fran (

11:40 PM


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