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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Just as I Suspected

"The only place where success comes before work is in a dictionary." - Vidal Sassoon

Sometimes I browse profiles online, or read away messages on my buddylist. I can't help buyt noticing that many profles and away messages contain quotes and sayings and proverbs. Call me arrogant, but it always interests me when certain people use certain quotes. Some quotes don't fit the person citing them. One guy used to religiously quote Machiavelli and Nietsche, and i KNOW he doesn't read. Another girl I know has THE MOST RANDOM quotes from RANDOM people. One day, she'll have a quote from Golda Mier, the next day she'll have a quote from Steven Tyler. Again, call me a jerk, but I'm pretty sure that this girl is not poring over Golda Mier manuscripts. Even though it happens with a good portion of my buddy list, the two people I just mentioned are people I know and have met. (uH-oH...I don't want to get TWO CERTAIN people started about whether or not there is a difference between "online friends" and the average garden variety friends.) All I mean by that is that I have had the opportunity to spend extended periods of time with those two individs and they don't strike me as people who would quote Orville Redenbacher. Who quotes Orville ReddenBOCKER??!

Well, just as I suspected, there is a


Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Should you mine these gems out for yourself?

I read a lot, and I come across some wonderful quotes, but I find that most people don't agree that they're wonderful. There also exists the peculiar temptation (most likely of PRIDE) to quote something just to let someone, anyone, know that you've read a certain body of work (When more often than not, you haven't). How silly. But I'm sure I've done it, and I know other people do it. I guess that's all you can call it--silly. is like that a lot. It's odd. What you wind up with is a conglomeration of people who would be friends with the type of person who has experienced and can cite (insert hipster noun here).

The poser is who you get. We all pose like B-Boys and B-Girls sometimes, (SUCH a RIDICULOUS pose, by the way) and it actually gets us props. But what do you do with such "friends"?

This post is a crooked one. I mean, like a crooked post tha would be rejected for house-building.

Speaking of which, I've now speant SO much time at Home Depot buying stuff for the church, that the entire Pro Desk knows my face. Today, while my LONG AND TEDIOUS ORDER was being rung-up, they carried on like I wasn't even I wasn't a customer they had to worry about losing. As a result, I'm now privy to so much gossip about Home Depot's underbelly that it's not even funny! But today, they gave me a hat. I'll take a picture in it soon. Dope hat! It's got loops on both sides for holding contractor's pencils, but guess what? I'm a they'll be holding some fat tipped uniballs in no-time.

Also, during allergy season, I honk when I blow my nose. Like an old man. I have to figure out how to NOT honk, because it has been brought to my attention that even when I excuse myself from Bible Study in the morning (often a pleasant diversion), no matter where I go, my honk can be heard. Next time, I'll go outside.

Today I walked from the house to "Headquarters" in the space of time that it took to listen to Deepspace5's "Elementary"...that's about 4 mins and 52 seconds. Well actually, it IS 4 mins and 52 secs. Anyhow, I was holding two massive 35 lb dumbells. The walk back was excruciating, and took about twice as long. It was also uphill. I imagined that I was some freak of nature Marvel comic book character who, for some reason, had these HUGE fists. When in a furious rage, these fists can punch through sheet metal, but on the day-to-day, the weigh me down...

"Mary Jane, my blessing is me curse...whiiiiiiiine....Come to my play!"

shawty swing my way, please.


p.s. I don't re-read my posts...I've been noticing more and more typos. Sorry.


Blogger Carlo said...

your name is adam? cool. it's such an . . . ordinary name! but then again so is dan brown and he's the best writer so far.

5:18 AM

Blogger Puddleglum said...

I love my name! I've never met a black guy with my name...When I write, I have to force myself not to name every character Adam. But who cares, maybe that'll be my thing.

9:46 AM

Blogger Khristi Lauren said...

you know me: i just quote random commoners who usually happen to be in my "inner circle" and say something that I happen to think was funny at the time that i don't care if others think is funny, but some wind up thinking they were funny anyway. hm. pictures on your site now i see? i like.

2:38 PM

Blogger Revolt said...

You arrogant, incoherent bastid! This post was good though. I would've made a snooty post like this myself. With such phrases as "I read a lot..." and "shouldnt you mine these gems out for yourself"...blah blah, yes it makes the avid reader's purpose null and void. Don't be mad because people have found a short-cut. It's like long division on paper vs. the calculator. Don't be mad. lol.

Oh and all these times you've mentioned Home Depot, I've failed to mention that I PROTESTED again Home 'eviction notice to the homeless' Depot. Long story, maybe I'll tell it sometime.

1:19 PM

Blogger Me said...

quotes are awesome. i don't care if i haven't read the book i still use them. :-P

you lost me at the thing about

anyhoohoo it's weird, you connect everything in your post as most girls do during a conversation...

10:32 PM


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