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Monday, February 14, 2005


Love is one.
I feel like it's an honor to Love someone.
When Love is in your eyes,
When Love compels you,
You're real.
To Love is an invigorating privilege.
And when you obey the unignorable near-maddening drive to Give Love,
receiving It takes care of Iteself.

I can't help it.


Blogger Me said...

that's good

1:22 PM

Blogger Me said...

oh, btw. i really like the mini films you have on your site.

12:31 AM

Blogger Revolt said...

Key word(s): near-maddening.


I have Japanese floating around in my head, because you singled out their one-word mantra: honor. (Plus I just watched The Last Samurai AGAIN, holler.)

Love is a privilege, and love is honor. So it's a privilege to honor someone by bestowing love.

And imagine, we all CHOOSE to do this (or not). Everyday.

1:49 AM

Blogger Puddleglum said...

Japanese? I was thinking more "Klingon"



But it works.

2:41 PM

Blogger Puddleglum said...

Thanks Gabi.

9:51 PM


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