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Saturday, February 12, 2005

And I'm Gonna Miss Everybody...

Bone Bone Bone Bone...Bone..Bone..Bone...Bone!
Now tell me waaaaatcha gonna do whenthereain'tnowhereto hiiiiide
When judgment comes from (cuz it's just gonna come!)

Wow. Memories, right?
What a great song.

I just got off the phone with Jessica.
Once again, I'm revved up to write and get things under weigh.
I've also just initiated a web forum for
It's for the express purpose of developing film ideas.
I'll link you guys when it gets a little beefed up.
It's all secretive and password locked to protect the filmmakers and writers who submit...
But if you prove yourself, young padwan, you too might one day become a great Jedi.

If my last name were "Knight"...I might just name my kid "Jedi"

Heck. My last name is "Tillman-Young"
I might STILL name that kid Jedi!

That's right. One day I'll mate with a female humanoid and produce offspring...

"Have...good trait..must....pass.....on!"

In other news, I've just written a hilarious scene that I call
"Refuting Darwin". I think it has potential to expand.
In it, two guys and a girl conduct an experiment to discredit one of Darwin's claims about human evolution.
It's really crude and slightly lewd...I guess that sums me up anyhow!

And now, I make a dvd.

"And a group of guys 'gottem..."

Well just crack my knuckles and call me Cracky!


Blogger Me said...

what song is that? i swear i know those lyrics. i'm not sure.

what do you do exactly? i've seen the photography work you did for da t.r.u.t.h.'s album and you showed me a video you made for some people whose name i can't remember and it was really good. you seem multi-talented. is your area media?

if you name your kid jedi something is definitely wrong with you and something is definitely gonna be wrong with your kid. lmbo. :P

you gonna let us read "Refuting Darwin"?

8:08 PM

Blogger Fran said...

Oooh isn't that song called *crossroads" or something...? I loved that song.

Jedi? JEDI? *rolls eyes* Oh Lord help that child. Hehehe :oÞ

...and yes...when are you gonna let us read that story? *waiting*

1:31 AM


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