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Monday, November 08, 2004

It is finished...

I want to tattoo that on my freakin NOSE.

I have my parents to thank for my fascination with time/space travel.
My mother used to buy me 'choose your own adventure' books;
my dad is a recovering Trekaholic.
And I saw Primer.
The persecuted know, the pink beaten man on the cross...he was a man of few words.
Since the accounts make a POINT of the fact that he spoke very little during the execution, I am completely confident in assuming that the words HE DID SPEAK are of great significance.
And one of the things he said was "It is Finished."
What's that mean?!
At that, me, Earth, the milky was all FINISHED...
I'm taking my cues from hours spent poring over Latin and Greek homework when I consider that "IT" is a BIG "IT"...not just a regular old localized's THE "IT".
So does that mean that when we all finish here on earth that things will chronologically pick up right after the execution?
One of the things I keep saying (and when I repeat things audibly, it's only evidence that I've been thinking about it forever and ever amen) is that "God has all the time in the space of a second to fix every "problem" that he's ever had..."
He's GOD, dude.
So as Da T.R.U.T.H says "This is for you..."
All of this is for you. The stoplights and websites and prostitutes and communions and barbaecues and prostitutes and dollar stores...all these things work together, in a world that God is infinitely familiar with, for you.
For me!
If we believe in an all powerful eternal God, then we have to believe that this very second is drippingly, unimaginably expensive.
Which brings us right back to our knees "repenting" or "thinking about that one mo'gain..."
If, indeed, it is finished, then what of my ego? My "life"??
A sufficiently selfish and shallow individual could find in this line of reasoning, a world of despair.
Someone of another mind...(or Another of Someone Else's Mind) would find in this reasoning, a liberating invitation to discover his or her true self.

And THAT'S the Je-Sus that We-Trust.


Blogger ChrissyBee said...

"His or her true self"? Are you getting Deepak Chopra on me? What the heck, meng?

Ok..lemme see if I can wrap myself around your warped lil mind. So when Yeshua said 'it's done yo', he really meant, all that had to do with life and the progression of the human spirit is finished? (uhhh..'human spirit' in GWF Hegel terms, meaning, G-d finally 'found himself')

Sooo...this is all useless amusement? But G-d's not tactless like that. Right? Or is it just my logic that's flawed?

I'm more at a pause with the 'true self' part. Isn't my true self waiting in Paradise? Or waiting to realize itself in Paradise, rather...? I dunno.

Phanatik explained this in 'Driven'. I shall listen again.

12:12 AM

Blogger Puddleglum said...

SeeBarns, NO!
I see how it could look like I'm just navel gazing and positing...
but I'm really just in awe that God called it the end, way back then...
So even though we're still here making choices and being true to humanity,
God finished it all up back then...
and if it was finished there, then we ALL must wind up right back there..
because the man said it...
The buck stopped there.
And that's so glorious...
FURTHERMORE, I'm a champion worrier...
I keep acting like it's not FINISHED..
like there's somehow more "work" to do...
Ergon is Gone!
I like where this is going!

12:31 AM


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