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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'd like to thank Jason...

So I see everything. EVERYTHING.
As my sister, who's not Jewish, says: "It's a thing with me."

So that's my thing. I see everything.
Seeing everything is like...well, it's like seeing everything. How do you know what's of note, and what's just this month's flavor?
When does wisdom part ways with apathy?

And so there it is. I'd heard of ActOne. I'd known about them for about 6 or 7 years (I think that long).
But I never gave them much mind because it was just one more thing on the list of things I'd heard of.
What would my life be like if I obsessed over or explored EVERYTHING that crosses my path?
I don't want to think of it.

Anyway, what winds up happening (as with Christine and Coldplay) is that I usually don't pay anything any mind until someone I respect sheds a little light on it. Enter Jason. Jason is probably the fourth most obsessed person with Barbara Nicolosi in the world. Don't ask me who the other three are. But I'd like to think that he's not too terribly far gone. Well, since J kept making noise about it and passing links under my cyber nose, I decided to take notice. (noise nose notice, $450!)
And now EYE'M ubcessed. A little bite. I am so HYPED about the program, and I'm HYPED about the possibility of moving to LA. Tell me about it. I am the biggest east coast snob. All throughout film school, I talked about loving the east and eschewing the west, and feeling awkward about Cali, and how oh-so-pretentious Hollywood is, and "I can do it on my own right here..."

And here's a plate of black birds ready for the eating.

But see, I haven't bitten some spiritually sexy apple. I've made a huge life decision. I'm turning half of my back on "Christian Film"

Now just WAIT!

Gimme some time, gargnabbit.

There isn't really a super deep-spiritual reason or God-edict behind this--at least not one that I'd like to offer as "a reason".
I've just been writing and writing and writing to varied levels of avail and I've determined that I want to write for the mainstream. Understand, that I am a Christian. I've had it up to HERE with expressed Christian art... As a Creator's creation, gifted with creating, every good or bad thing I generate bears, in its identity, the seal of God. This isn't a thoughtless or careless buckling on my part either. I've just been uniquel challenged in the past few years to live not for myself, but for people LIKE myself. In other words, I refuse to sit in creepy conspiratorial conferences about "what people will think" or "what's gonna get people saved". I don't FALL for that stuff. Nobody like me would fall for that stuff because it's contrived. And borderline witchcraft. Get at me on that.

When I write, no matter what the stroyline, Christ is in the pen, in the page, and in the final product. You won't find "church scenes" or perfect characters or self-righteous preachers, or people getting saved in the last five minutes. You'll find PEOPLE faced with GOD. And God is in all of his creation. You'll find redemption and grace and sacrifice and love and lust and jealousy and whoooooooooooo, some PRIDE...You'll find the repeadted emphasis on man's inevitable downward tendency.

Many might be thinking: But Adam, you've been to film school already. Why waste money on a program like this? Good question, Bill. My understanding of ActOne is that it's custom-crafted for people like me who desire to show God through genuine honest human art. I don't think they'd turn me away if I only wrote Hallmark Channel movies, but I'm under the impression that they get a thrill out of working with Christian writers who aren't looking for a celluloid platform.

The program is just a month, but I'm thinking about moving out there for a year. We'll see. Most of the leases are are at least 6 months, and I'd be interested in getting a job and working with some left-coast artists on some videos and photos.

You might ask: What about directing? Well I am who I am. I do what I do. My focus will be writing, but you better beleive I'm going to track down Pigeon John Duncan for a photoshoot, or one of my countless other favorite amazing artists for free collaborations. I've also 'met' a TON of artistic lefties on MySpace. You guys know me. I'm creative when it comes to creativity.
And it's an adventure.

How Cliche' of me.

Anyhow, Jason gets the most recent props for re-re-introducing me to ActOne. Whenever that happens, I always feel like God's grabbing me by the neck and saying: "Yo! HOW many TIMES do I have to SHOW you?!"


Blogger jasdye said...

o snizzle. adam's on the move.

joe, i intro'd you to A1 like 3 mos. ago. but i'm glad as heck you catchin' it.

and, when did you start blogging again?

10:56 PM

Blogger jasdye said...

and can you do me a favor and fix that link to my site.

you know i'm a traffic snob.

10:57 PM

Blogger Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Act-uno sounds dope. You'll kill em.

So you go to Cali.

I go to Japan.

We'd be closer in proximity then, I think, funny. Coolness.

Tell PJ he's a beautiful silly man, and this Canadian loves him and his blue-hued poems.

2:43 AM


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