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Monday, August 15, 2005

I live!


I've pretty much been out of touch....
Everything's well. I'm just busy with life...
There's a long-distance lady now, and I've (gladly) diverted a lot of my energy there.

On the ranch, I'm milking more cows every morning and trying my best to buckle down on this documentary so that I can have a better shooting system by the time the kids come and school starts in Sept.

For all you SLACKERS who are supposed to be writing with me, MY BAD. I suck. The end.
But I'd like to start back up if y'all are still game.

Gross...I fell headlong into folk rock...been listening to a lot of keaton simmons and denison witmer and Over The Rhine and Nick Drake and Sufjan Stevens <---his voice grates my nerves in large doses...

What else?
My MOTHER of all people is PUSHING me to shoot a movie. It doesn't matter WHAT, just shoot a fact...LOL let's quote her: "God wants you to make a movie NOW."
Yeah, thanks for the "OK", Mom....and God too!

What she doesn't know is that i shot something while I was in Philly that I'm editing now. Sure it's a short, but whatever....

Speaking of pleasehelpmenow....
Does ANYONE know how to use Apple Motion?! These tutorials are for DUNGTARDS or something, they must be, because I can't figure them out. I want to rip my eyelashes out one by one.

Mudduh Wuk, this is too long for a buletin...may as well blog it too...

If I can't get my parents to give me their house in MD, then I'm getting married and moving to New York...but shh, don't tell anyone. Because NY is so cheap. Right.
I'm terrified of LA for some reason...and of the Christian film scene there... Run, don't walk, from 'Christian films'. Except for Mercy Streets (directed by the same guy who did "My Date W/ Drew"). That's actually a FILM. It feels a lot like most indie junks, but at least it's not like Pastor So and So trying to act and be effective to win the lost youths in the streetz dog. With a VHS camera. It's got the Christian Ben Affleck (David White) in it. You may recognize him from a recent Toyota commercial.

So, I'm in love. Blackhand side! She's LOVELY, but we're kind of on some "hush, hush" stuff for now. So I decided only to tell all of you guys...and your belly buttons.

Keaton Simmons is so Jewish! He has a song called "I'm Farputst for Hanukkah" LOL.
Which OF COURSE has made me very farputst lately as well....

okay, love you guys, i'll holler in like, another 6 weeks.



Blogger jasdye said...

mercy streets? seemed kind of billy graham-esque for my tastes.

still, check out the Act One peeps, man. it's not "Christian Movies" or whatever. actual talented people making good work on behalf of their savior, not instead of (from what i've heard so far).


6:08 PM

Blogger jasdye said...

by the way, before you wrote this post, like maybe the day before you wrote it, i ordered, from paste:

denison witmer: beautiful dreamer
over the rhine: good dog/bad dog
sufjan stevens: illinois
mark heard: satellite sky
and a bill mallonee (post-vigilantes of love) cd, although i forget which one. maybe perfumed letter.

but i'm lovin' it. maybe i'm just getting old.

5:37 PM

Blogger Me said...

You're WASTING blogspace!

Why is it hush-hush? You sound like my brother! He's in a long distance relationship with this girl right and he won't say she's his girlfriend, in fact for the longest he made their relationship into a big secret as if they only liked each other a little bit, but our family and her family know they are really into each other.

I keep reassuring him that it's ok to call her his g/f especially since they are on a level way past friendship, but I really think he's afraid that she might not be the one and calling her his g/f would end up being a mistake. I dunno.

Anyway back to YOU. LoL. May God bless you and your knew love. That's so awesome, Adam!

7:53 PM

Blogger Revolt said...

cosignage with gabi: "you're wasting blogspace!" and "God Bless you with your new love"...but you knew that already, scruffy mcscrufferson :) And you know I pout with jealousy over somethin so dang beautimous. But you deserve it, Adonai knows.

10:50 PM


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