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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Heck Yes.

It's O-fish-ull.
I'm a movie reviewer with
My first review will be Robert Rodriguez's Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

300,000 monthly readers. I'm excited. I'm really after the byline!
I get to mention my website.
And THAT'S the dopeness.

My website photo gallery is also getting some great responses.
Thanks for all the love. I'm inspired to go out and take more pics.

I've also posted my video "Pretty/Ugly" on MySpace, and that's getting great responses too.
I'm currently tag-teaming TWO scripts by email, not to mention the five trillion that I scribble throughout the day. I'm milking a cow every morning, and I got a GALLON and a HALF today.


All things considered, I've never been happier to be out in the middle of Nowhere, Texas.
I never realized how much I had. I've got a lot. More than enough.

I also opened up a savings account at the local Wells Fargo. It began as a joke I have going with my grandmother that the account is really for my future wife and kids.

And I'm teaching myself the guitar.

I'm planning for 7/2006. That's when my volunteer year is up. I plan to give as much as I can in the next year and then travel a bit, and probably wind up back in Philly (God would have to sign my lease!) or New I guess God would have to sign that lease too, but for diff rea$on$.
Yo...what if I wind up living in London, or Cape Town, or Bangkok?!

And there you have it.
I've gotta go polish the chicken eggs...(y'all think I'm joking)
and then it's SHOWERTIME!
We had a bad storm last night and the power's been off for a while.
No power means no well pump. No well pump means no water.
We're definitely looking into solar backups now.



Blogger jasdye said...

good news, kid. told ya. hope spy kids IV is as good as it looks. write the best danggone piece you know you can. 'cuz @ relevant, they some angry white, 'post-modern' Christians. don't wanna get on their bad sides.

joe, my grandparents own a little ranch on the outskirts of okrahoma. they have a ranch hand and use my little bro'. but they do it for the fun of it (one's from the philipines, the other from p.r., so chicago's cold, hard soil just wan't doin' it for 'em.). so although i've had my share of farm-fresh eggs, ain't never seen anybody polish 'em (for the market, presumably?).

break 'em off, dude.

9:45 PM

Blogger Khristi Lauren said...

that's great adam. i'm so happy for you. i'll have to check out the magazine. you sound really good and rested. yey you!

10:08 PM

Blogger Puddleglum said...

well we're still fake farmers...
We've been at it for almost 15 years now, so we do know our stuff, but we're still learning along the way. As far as the chickens go, we haven't built layer-boxes for them so they all lay their eggs in the dirt! When we collect them, they're pretty funky (just remember from which body part the eggs come!) and we have to polish them to clean them. The reason we don't outright wash them is because there's a natural antiviral coating on the eggs. That keeps them safe from infection (if we didn't collect them, they'd sit under a funky chicken for a month til hatching). We don't wash the eggs with water until we're actually ready to use them. The egg industry does have a machine that buffs eggs, but I'm not sure that anyone washes them...beware of washed eggs!

11:52 PM

Blogger jasdye said...

are they funky because they came out of that passage, or because they remain in a certain spot?

i guess i should stop buying the "country fresh, sanitized for your health" eggs, then, eh? i knew there was something fishy about paying $12 for a dozen.

danged chicken hawks at whole foods!

12:13 PM

Blogger Revolt said...

Whooooot! A-diz is doin' big tings! Congrats my friend :) And hooold up, which two scripts are you tag teaming? I haven't even read all of Narcisso yet.

I've been teaching myself the guitar too. Since March or so. Haven't gotten very far though. And wait a minute, you already KNOW how to play!

And dude, what if you end up in Toronto! Hmmm? Film film film film. Think about it. Even I'VE decided to stay here (for now) :)

11:22 PM

Blogger jasdye said...

ok, so i read your myspace blog this morning.

i'm familiar with the concepts behind 'the last temptation', both as a book and as a film. and i think that it's good in the sense that it balances out the contemporary, conservative church's approach to Jesus as God on earth and focuses on Jesus' humanity, to the point of practically relinquishing the other. yet, either way, it's still gnosticism.

let me advise, if i may, philip yancey's "the jesus i never knew." one of the best books i've read in a long, long time. and without the heresy (although it is tremendously upsetting, if that's the word i want to use, in a tremendously good sense). it's a study of Jesus the man, the Jew, the Messiah, the God-man who has come in a very specific time in a very specific place even as both have largely been ignored by the Western Church.

oh, and has your review gone in yet?


2:33 PM


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