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Monday, May 30, 2005

Moving Images...

Hey there, darlings.

I've just added a PHOTO GALLERY to

Czech it out; Cheque-Check it out!

There's no feedback box, but I'd love to hear some.



Blogger jasdye said...

i likes it. i wish i was more of a visual artist, where i might be able to give you some real feedback. all i could think while i was viewing it is, the more urban stuff was done in philly, right? while the more country stuff's from big tex?

that's some insight for ya.

i guess i'm beginning to gravitate towards the communal photographs, ones that show a grouping of people and how they interact or don't, how they begin to look alike or struggle not to. how tension arises or ease makes its way through.

but i still like pretty flowers and ansel adams type stuff.

8:26 PM

Anonymous Timi said...

Your little brother is so adorable. Were those the pictures that were to be on Wells' album cover?

9:32 PM

Blogger Revolt said...

Mo-mo-moses is the man. Please let him know I'd like him to autograph my poster. Vanessizzle reminds me of my niece. They'd be the princesses of priss if/when they meet. And are those pics of J-Silas and Timmy Brindle? Cuz if so...whooooot! Tell them I said helloooooooo :) And don't forget to do the giggle and wave.

I'm the holiest flirt in the world.

I see you kept 'her' pic in the mix though. You're a strong man.

1:54 AM

Blogger Revolt said...

PS. I don't like these scrapsheet-once-every-month-entries you're giving me on Blogger(TM) either, sellout.

1:55 AM


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