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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Kilgore, TX

What the HECK??

I got back last night from an adventure in east texas. My mom bought a walk-in cooler/freezer on ebay and sent my brother, my dad, this kid named eric and me to take it down and bring it home. It was like an indie-chuck-e-cheese's like showbiz or Razzmatazz. They were going out of business, so they were sellign everything. It was so far away (7 hrs) and took so long that we wound up having to stay at a Days Inn...
My dad went out to buy a lock for the UHAUL and gave me a call like: "Okay, find out what size underwear everyone is..." So after a very girly display of arguing over whether he should buy mid rise briefs or boxers or no-flys or the illustrious boxer-birefs, he decided we should get them from Wal-Mart ourselves. So he shows up with the undies ANYWAY, but no deoderant, like: "What? I thought you guys had that stuff already!" ??????? was much funnier at the time. So we stayed the night, ate at Canton, TX's "Dairy Palace" where I broke my family diet by eating white bread and a Blue Bell Banana Pudding Malted Milkshake, and then watched CNN til we fell asleep. I kept having short demonic nightmares. You know the kind. I drifted off to sleep by 3:30 to be up and at-'em again by 7:45. After loading all the panels and other sundry equipment into the trailer, (and commandeering a fresh BULLDOG MASCOT HEAD), we settled in for the long haul home.

We got home and I got my long-awaited check card in the mail. I also got a new telefoto lens in the mail, and my copy of "God is Here", Relevant's newest book about Bro. Lawrence.

I haven't been in this much pain in YEARS.
It bled like CRAZY and hurt like @%$^&$$!
Then, since I'm like...Mensa's poster chile, I took EXCEDRIN for the pain. Excedrin = Aspirin = BLOOD THINNER. So I bled all over the place. And it's my left middle finger (oddly, I distrinctly remember slicing my RIGHT finger, but I must have been mistaken). I woke up twice in the middle of the night with dried trails of "chocolate raspberry" sauce dripping down my arm. It was blood. I had blood spots all on the sheets, And a pool of dried blood on the armrest of the futon. GROSS.....
Dressing the wound is no fun either.

Ahh well....

It hurts to type, but Gabi and Friends (Chicago's newest hit Saturday Morning TV show) convinced me to blog.

I think I'm not completely down from the painkillers, because this blog reads like a 16 year old girl's.....



Blogger Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

men, babies, babies men.
both diapers and boxers can be bought at walmart.

lol @ that whole story.

re: finger cut, suck it up! but no, so sorry you had that oozy of a cut. ick. sounded awful. you bled A LOT over a finger cut. was it deep? and how did you cut it? did you MENTION how you cut it?...cuz i could've missed that, knowing me.

i had something else to say.



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