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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

If you like...

Look at the monstrosity in the first link.
What? If I like Cosby, then I'll like....
I can't even say it.
There. I blogged.

i'll be back soon.



Blogger jasdye said...

what hath Cosby to do with Martin?

oh, wait, it's 'Cosby' and not the 'Cosby Show.' the more recent reincarnation of Cos is a bit more like 'Becker' than anything else, with the possible exception of Bob Newhart's last couple shows, in which another comedic genius is forced into a rote roll, a shadow of his former.

i clicked on the link to 'the Cosby Show', it's similars are fairly decent (well, no Martins at least, and Family Ties is fairly similar in scope. 'the hughleys'? gar-bage.)

i think better matches would be 'M*A*S*H', 'Newhart', 'Mary Tyler Moore', 'The Honeymooners' (the original, not the flippin' movie) and of course, 'The Simpsons' and 'Seinfeld.' What did these shows have in common? You don't even need to ask.

11:39 AM

Anonymous Fran said...

Took you long enough to blog! I can't see that link yet cause I'm at work...but when I get home! :D

12:49 PM

Anonymous Gabi said...

What's wrong with Cosby?!! My family and I use to love watching that show.

You did not blog. You can't call whatever you just wrote a blog. Pathetic. You can call it that though.

1:31 PM

Anonymous G-to-the-a-to-the-b-i said...

I meant what's wrong with liking Cosby.

1:35 PM

Blogger jasdye said...


huh? now i'm confused. not that i didn't watch 'Cosby' or would put him in the lows of Martin, but it was subpar, kind of like watching a genius being brought down a few notches.

say, DeGeneres got another run at 'Ellen', or 'The Bobby Newhart Show' or 'The Lucille Ball Show.' or any chris rock movie (though his stint at the oscars was lovely. i wish they'd call him again.) like watching... oh, jerry lewis do a... say, telethon and hamming it up and crying on live tv.

cos has still got it. he's still the master of that domain. saw him a couple years ago at this banquet i was working at. o, my, goodness. continually awesome.


she's right. this ain't no post. it ain't even a rant. cheapskate.

we need to begin our site, and quick. we're both running out of muses.

2:09 PM

Blogger jasdye said...

two more things, if i can remember them:

1) check out this site:
i'm'a post on this as soon as i read it, i think. man, i love when over the rhine gives interviews, they're just so stinking thoughtful. got a way with words that makes me feel in touch with the intellect and the emotions at the same time.

2) i forgot. but i'll be by before you post another, i bet'cha.

3:33 PM

Blogger jasdye said...

oh, now i remember.

dude, i'm so tired of running into relevant to read another review on some movie that is commented on by some super snarky kids with bad attitudes telling each other that they know the best, most relevant christian way out there.

when is your review going up so i can stop dropping by that site?

please. i beg of you.

3:37 PM

Anonymous Timi said...

I liked Hilton's character better than I liked Cliff Huxtable. NOW WHAT!!

2:59 AM

Blogger Revolt said...

Hold the bleep up. This is supposed to be a post? Am I the only one outraged by this?

He said "there I blogged", like a lil sucky baby.

3:38 AM

Blogger jasdye said...


that's 'cuz you're a bitter, old man.


you're not paying attention. of course we're upset. we just chose to not cuss while displaying our frustration. we don't want adam going back into his lil shell. not that you would understand. :P> (yes, that's a little beard)

10:15 AM

Blogger jasdye said...

dang, how long ago was that semimini-post? and your review still hasn't posted. why o why? must i hear more whiney kids raking on and on about how christians are so less and so uncool and y'know Jesus is so cool and we should be cool and he doesn't care what we wear or that we cuss or smoke or have sex with whoever, cuz he's real cool.

ok, i'm making some of this stuff up. but honestly, i'm sick and tired of the whining. blecch! it reminds me of me at that age. the thing is, the site doesn't seem to be engaging in dialogue with the little confused ones. they just let them argue their friggin' eyes out.

so, my plugs are: and (today they're interviewing barbara nicolosi, whom i've featured on my blog a couple times recently [ie, last night]. how cool is that?)

and here's the kicker. they do not run a review about a film from one of the most important directors in america, not to mention one of the most prolific and confusing, but they decide to run a review about a tired cliche run-down disney franchise starring a tired, cliche hollywood prototype, a party-girl and crackhead.

11:22 PM


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