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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Daddy's gonna be a writer.

Back from a week of work.
Not the exciting kind of work with the cameras and lights and actors...
The grunt work of renovating a building and packing boxes with books and slapping joint compound on drywall...

The Cadillac contest results are in, and GUESS WHAT?!!~!

I didn't even make FINALIST!
It's funny because I was glued to that website like crack waiting for the results...
And when they came it was like the end of the Truman big deal.
But to be honest, I do look upon those Cadillacs with disdain now.

Let's look on the bright side, though.
I am now free to post the clip here for you to see.
Also, someone happened upon my blog and read about the film and asked me if he/she could host it on their online film vault. So far it looks like a pretty heft collection of short films. He has a special section dedicated to other people's entries to the 5 second contest.


I've officially decided that if I'm going to get married, jugi jugi de ting, and have kids, that I have to be gainfully employed.
Busting my hump as a volunteer for the family ministry doesn't pay a THING except a seemingly unlimited supply of whatever new equipment I can justify a need for. Digital SLR is coming soon!
Anyhow, all that is to say that I have officially decided to write screenplays to sell. I still have my hopes set on directing and producing, but I have SO many ideas that I can't produce them all, so why not be a "Creative Sperm Donor" if you will...I don't HAVE to direct every script that I write. In fact, in the footsteps of Tarantino and Shayamalan, sellign scripts can not only put a table under my food, but it can also help fund my films. M. Knight (writer/director of the sixth sense) was a million dollar screenwriter before he directed his first film. Wanna know which script he wrote? You'll NEVER guess....
Stuart Little. Mr. "I See Dead People" started off seeing little mice, and then little millions...

So be happy for me! This blog will be so much more exciting when you read stuff like "I sent my script off to Paramount today..."

My Kids will be able to say: "Well, my Daddy's a writer..."

Anyhow, Peep my five second entry!!


Anonymous Timi said...

Your 5 second entry is cute. lol

p.s- You'd make a cool daddy :)

1:20 AM

Blogger Revolt said...

Cuteness is limitless.
It has no bounds.
Why do I think that lil girl's name is Vanessa? Am I crazy?

It was so quick it was timeless.

lol. Love it.

OH and a WRITER huh! Now I'm inspired to write a blog entry. Thanks a lot.

Hmm...thoughts on you being a daddy...didnt you say you were gonna be the Christian Russell Simmons? hee hee.

3:11 AM

Blogger Khristi Lauren said...

love the 5 second piece bro. missed you too. tell somebody the next time you wanna take a vacation on another planet.

4:58 PM

Blogger Me said...

hmph. i never did like Cadillacs.

hey i pray that you do make it as a screenwriter. we need some good screenwriters who are Christians in the industry.

lol. that was so cuuuuute I had to watch it 10 times because it was so fast.

11:27 PM


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