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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

i love talking to people in their own voice.
It's not that hard to do, since most people don't use their real voice...they use a 'people voice'
So on the elevator, if i actually talk to someone, and then get to my floor, I just say
"See ya later." in their own voice.
Most recently, a guy hit 15, and it didn't light up, so I say:
"Is that supposed to light up?"
and he says:
"Naaaaaaaaaaaah, I think that one's just broken er something."
so I get to 12 (my floor) and I say:
"See ya later."
and he just looks at me, and then the doors close.
but I'm saying...he didn't "think it was broken," he KNEW it was broken.
If you live on 15, and your lift button NEVER lights up, then...
why'd I get londonny all of a suddenny?
Oh. Neisha's in London, and I just read a Jack Straw qoute about how closely Sadaam resembles satan...
and i've never even seen the guy live, but it was his voice reading it.



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