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Friday, December 09, 2005

Velvet Fist

See, that didn't take long at all you communist heartmongers.
I've taken to leveling elaborate insults at people as a sign of my appreciation for them.
A well-thought-out "I hate you" is better than an insincere generic "i love you", isn't it?
Well it should be.
I just told someone that I want to rule the world with a velvet fist.
You know I'm giddy when I quote myself.
I had old school pizza in my dream today...yes today...
I took a King David style afternoon nap because I nearly slipped on some ice...
I DID slip on some ice, but I nearly FELL, and the good job of NOT FALLING that I did was rewarded by a sharp, radiating, sporadic pain in what I've been referring to as 'the armpit of my leg'.
Not much gets accomplished when you draw your hand in a gesture around your groin and say, "The pain is coming from THIS region..." it always sounds like a failed attempt at an insecure euphemism, instead of an exact indication of where it hurts.
But back to my velvet fist and my pizza dream.
So I decided NOT to chop firewood, but to lie down upstairs because of my armpit.
I had a dream about going to one of those old 8o's style family pizza restaurants where it's eerily dark inside, and the pizza is so bubblingly delicious, and you drink root beer out of red smoky plastic cups and the refils come in a pitcher...and there's always pac man, and then some pinball game with a scantily clad woman on sign...
I was there in a dream today, having a meeting with some people. I can't remember if I ate though.
I wonder what I'd do for a slice of some amazing pizza right now?
For those of you who don't know, yours truly has been eating well for a year. I'm still a fat lard, just a healthy one now.
So pizza is a dream...

Switch gears! I saw LWW last weekend, and wrote a pretty confusing review about it for Relevant.
I couldn't stop crying after Father Christmas showed up. Big scary black man with big doe tears.
Ahh well...
Go see it.
I just wish I had been more personal and not so formal in the review, that's all.



Blogger Not Your Average Jane said...

You're not a fat lard.

11:53 AM


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