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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My Place

Where do dreams and fantasies come from?
Who ever heard of feeling guilty for a dream?
I have. I've awoken with guilt.
Not for the obvious reasons, but even for things I've said or felt in a dream.
Even now, I can remember a dream I had when I was much younger (11 maybe).
And I'm downright ashamed of my behavior.
Can you tell that imaginations are starting to intrigue me?
The Bible even talks about the power of imagination...
Imaginations are double edged....
We're supposed to 'cast down' the thoughts and imaginations that 'set themselves up' against 'the knowledge of God.'
How strange. So there is such a thing as a dangerous fantasy.
How can a thought defy the knowledge of God?
Maybe a thought can defy the knowledge God has given me.
A fantasy in which I believe that things can fulfil me, stands in oposition to God's truth that he alone sustains and satisfies.
As you can see, I'm pieceing this together right before your eyes.
I have to think about it some more...
I've begun to focus on the power of the unseen...
Prayers and dreams in particular.
These everyday happenings are tossed of as trivial.
We say "All we can do now is PRAY"
As if prayer is a trifle thing that the defeated do.
We say "It was JUST a dream" As if we are completely sure that our dream world is less grave than our waking world.
Who am I in dreams? If I am not the same in dreams that I am when I walk, then who am I?
Follow the trail...see what this implies?
Who are we? Which of our manifold selves weighs more? What is weight?
Where's the common denominator?
God is always there, even in my dreams.
And iniquity is always there.
Redemption and "sorry" is always there.
The Rise is there.
The Rise is the heroic catharsis. I always experience this in my dreams.
It's the "There, there, here's Grace" to follow my "God, damn it all because I suck."
don't tell the band


Blogger Khristi Lauren said...

interesting battle you have going on in your mind...

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