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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I gotta Jones...

I just got my new audiobook.
It's an advanced copy of "Their Eyes Were Watching God" narrated by Ruby Friggin Dee!
Up high! Down Low! Blackhand side!
I'm so on the bandwagon. It just makes too much sense. I'm still waiting for Pilgrim's Progress to come.
Unabridged, of course....
I have also recently ingested the entire Chronicles of Narnia in the most charming and magical audio-dramatic form I've ever heard. I have to give Focus on The Family props for their radio dramas...Take it from me, it really is cinema-quality voice talent and sound design. I felt like I was there. It was only abridged for formatting, but not content. (Many of the "he said, she saids" were taken out of extended discourses where the characters were well established by voice.)
I think I'll leave my endorsements of Dr. Dobson at that...we'll take them at a case by case basis.

Including my audiobooks, I think I'm doing a simul-read of like a dozen books. It's glorious. And it's strange. I can feel the Scriptures in these other works. All creation does indeed bear Him witness.

In other news I DP'd last week on Young's Christian/Kung Fu/Fantasy flick. It was the first time I ever operated a steadicam, and also the first time I used my Sennheiser ME66 microphone for a dramatic application. I was incredibly pleased with it.

Check out these ROUGH CUTS:

Chase Scene with Steadicam

Dialogue Scene with my mic

What else??
Oh! A one-time good homie of mine just started blogging.

Introducing Khristi L. Adams!!

She kind of splattered her brain all over her blog. I like that. We'll see if she makes "The In-Crowd" anytime soon.
Check her out.

Time to write.

P.S. My lips are SO chapped. Reminds me when Natanya pointed out that she knew I wasn't "getting any" because of how ashy my legs were. Tricky, tricky women...tsk


Blogger imiT said...

lol@you not "getting any" because of ashy legs. Is it taboo for men to wear lotion?

8:42 PM

Blogger Puddleglum said...

No, i just got out of the habit when I lived in St. Kitts..the Caribbean air is so moist and full that you don't have to moisturize your skin.

When my legs look ashy, I look like an aligator. I think she meant that if I had someone to lie next to, that I'd be more concerned with having much smoother legs.

10:09 PM

Blogger huh? display what? said...

You explained that too complex A. It's like saying "i know you didn't leave the house because you didn't comb your hair. The not combing of the hair is an indicator.

Anyhow A you are fart gums if you can't see my page. And we must talk on the tele or something prepared.

8:37 AM

Blogger huh? display what? said...

wow Timi's a girl.

HI TIMI!!!! :)

8:39 AM

Blogger huh? display what? said...

1:12 PM


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