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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

my movie is has several names....
"Lonely Lumberjack" is my favorite.

it was fun making it..
I did it all myself...even when I'm pretending to talk to the camera man...
It's all 100% Adam Tillman-Young holmes...

my movie

just for fun...I was getting sick of working on the documentary and not having anything current out there so I did this...

And no trees were unduly harmed...I was actually cutting down saplings for a tipi my students were building as part of their Native American module..

which reminds me of a chilling picture I once saw of these white kids in Kentucky. They were 3rd graders. And I guess kids are finally learning about slavery in school...but anyway, these kids were doing skits and RE-ENACTMENTS of slavery... a caption was "Here's Stephanie being examined for auction." and "Here Zachary is overseeing Jacob, Tyler and Mary as they pick cotton." WHOA.

That's the problem with reparations...not that the theory, spirit and idea are all wrong...but the practical application is never 'right'.

Just like Nonnie says: Take all you want, eat all you take. Come on America. The food's getting cold.

And so life goes.

how'd I get on this topic?

That's right...I was questioning the ethics of having 9 year olds build a tipi.
If the beef with Azie ever gets stirfried, I'll have to ask her if 9 year old kids on traditional South Dakotan reservations ever build bungalows and split foyers...

methinks knot


anyway, check out my movie

25 meg download, and RealOne player needed.


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