Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Sunday, January 05, 2003

i'm investigating the phenomenon of organic tissue rejection....
I haven't had a transplant, but I'm fairly certain that my right little toe no longer wishes to be a part of me.
Today I was walking past a door jamb, and it wandered so far that you'd think I had offended it.
Now we're both in pain. Terrible pain.

this is corny, but it does remind me of how we stray from the body of Christ...
We think me may be hurting ourselves, but the whole shebang is in pain.


pray for the toe.

Patrick wants me to play the crime lieutennant...
it does sound fun, but MAN is the timing bad.
My camera is still in the shop, and I go back to Philly in a few days.
But who can gambol the rural backroads of dc with a fake assault rifle when there are FUTONS to move??


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