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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I'm getting sick of "God Bless". I've been dropping it forever.
"Okay now, God Bless!"
"Aight man, God Bless'
"Keep in touch duke, God Bless"
I don't own the blessing, but now it's become so...commercial.
and I was taking Echinaccea YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS before Snapple thought it would be cute to put it in a drink.
I took that junk when it was only available in LIQUID EXTRACT form. That piece of nasty used to make your mouth tingle and water for about half an hour.
But it was "good for me" so I did.
And now dudes have bombed buildings, and gotten scared, and America loves to say "God Bless..."
I can't even tell you what it means anymore.
Just like nobody knows what "God Damn" means anymore...
God Bless - good...
God Damn - bad...
but why? Just cuz.
Well I've been trying new ways to let people know that I'm asking the CREATOR OF EVERYTHING to rain blessings and excellence in their lives.

So far the winner is "Follow the Leader"
don't worry, it only sounds corny the first couple of times.

But it doesn't work on the phone.

"Okay, take care. Follow the Leader"
then you get one of those:
"Huh? What did you say??"
and then you're on the phone again for another 5 minutes, and the person you're talking to now thinks that you're trying to be self-righteous...

But I like God Bless....
but now it doesn't fall on DEAF ears, it falls on hoodwinked and bamboozled ears. Nobody knows what it means...just that I'm 'trying to be christian' or beign patriotic.

My right foot is waging war on it's the ball.

I also used to say "Holla" back when everyone thought it was stupid...but now it's all of a sudden cool?!?
Good job america...So instead of looking stupid on purpose, I look like a poser.

funny how a person can stay the same in a dynamic world, and appear to change.
Like God.

this is why the lazy Christians just wear cloaks and move off to the mountains somewhere.
It's hard work just LIVING anymore.

p e a c e
for real.


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