Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Sunday, January 05, 2003

why do I break down and take pounds from fake clowns?
honesty owns.
I don't care who or what...just be honest. I'm not always honest, but when I am it's great.
And when people are honest, you can tell—which means that most people lie most of the time...
and the social games, the laughter at stupid jokes, the reluctant daps, the...
it's a lie.
Bold faced...
and we know the difference.

all this is leading up to LA SYMPHONY (
their Christmas song is almost as nice as the one I did...anyway with an EMCEE TEAM OF 8 people you're BOUND to get a PERFECT verse per song...and this one comes from Joey The Jerk "yeah right" have a listen.

sorry emcees or not (i say NOT)...they're honest. And they rap about what matters to them, and there is an evolution in their rap. They may not be spiritual giants, but they represent the majority of us who are in this thing (the Christ-life) for the long haul, but still have questions. Faith comes by hearing , not heard. Peeped? And i'm not who I was yesterday. There is never an excuse for laziness or sin or should be exellence at all times...but EXCELLENCE is a frame of mind, and a's a process (

Speaking of which, go to the website and buy their LONG AWAITED EP...i know these guys personally (did a documentary peice on them) and the EP is ALBUM quality. They're already underwiegh on the full length, but the 7 track EP is only 7 BUCKS and only 50 cents shipping...outrageously cheap. COP IT. I've bought less (tracks and quality) for more$$$ at some groups' shows, and this is ONLINE....

They sound like a mix between J-Silas, Corey Red, and The Cross Movement.... nah they don't, they're better... but that's as close as I can get.... COP COP COP IT!


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