Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

How was my vacation??

Check out the title link to see our now defunct RV.
We were at Al's house when our RV, home for some of our group, was totally flooded out.
I got some really dramatic footage of the water, and the RV, and my parent's reaction, and then their discussion about God's will, and how sometimes you just have to roll with the "punches". We were totally bling bling insured, so it was just a setback. Why the setback? We'll see in time.

This photo and this article should also let you know how SMALL the town's like 20 times bigger than the town I'm in now, but where I am now, we're so close to D.C. and Annapolis and B-more that nobody cares...but in Seguin, TX EVERYTHING'S a news story.

Same thing happened when we went to Lancaster. We got into a car accident, and it was mentioned on the news...
So it's the small town mentality and not really the small town SIZE that matters....
Where we live now, it literally takes 4 minutes to drive all around town...

And we still have neighbors who think my dad is the mayor of D.C.
Don't even ASK where that one came from.


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