Ain't NOTHING easy about Sunday morning...

Thursday, January 15, 2004

ahooga everypeoples.
it's a new new!

Putting Philly plans on hold to vacation with the family in Florida: estimated $1400 risk/adjustments
Gas/Oil/Additives from Washington D.C. to Orlando: $150
Ticket to Cinema Grille on Estero Island to see Big Fish: $8.50
Single Pitcher of Soft Drink at the Cinema Grille on Estero Island: $8.75 (no refills)
Wading shoulder-deep in the icy gulf waters of San Marco Island while video taping the baptism of several family members: priceless.

there are some things that money can't buy. As it turns out, those same things can make an unwanted vacation in a loathsome state still feel just nothing short of miraculous.

The thigns I've seen.

Peace for now.


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